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That’s 4 singles as videos, people. Broken is still my favorite song of her album, but Ni Shi Wei Yi (The One) was also one of the good tracks. There were a couple of good tracks…

Actually, I didn’t really love the album, I just really REALLY loved Broken. xD

This video was like Goku (Dark Hair Jing Chang) turned into Saiyan (Blond) riding on a “giant” raven. xD

And you know what’s funnier (weird)?

My dad agrees. Hahahahaha. This is why dad rocks~

So I was showing my dad Jing’s latest music video, and we were agreeing (again) that before you realized that the video was about Cyndi Wang and her dead boyfriend, that it felt kinda gay-ish with Jing waking up next to Wang. Anyway, we ended up searching for Jing’s performances in her idol days…

I’m telling you, JingCastleSubs are the best.

And, OMG! She’s so handsome xD and I told my dad “wow, she looks more handsome than my cousins” and we burst out laughing, coz we always pick on family like this. And then we got sad… just watch the video, awwww just wanna hug her so she doesn’t cry… and then she rubs her eyes – through her non-glasses glasses, so we burst out laughing again.

My dad’s totally having an identity crisis, I just know it. LOL

And you know what’s even funnier??? The first time Jing performs on the show, the host first says “I thought this one was a girl.” Once Jing tells her she is, the host tells her that she’s a little too handsome. She totally is. LOL

Starring singer/actress Cyndi Wang. Why?

“A music video always needs a beautiful girl!” said Jing.

In this MV Cyndi’s character decides to move homes after her boyfriend suddenly passes away. However, she is unable to forget her past love and returns to her old home in search of any memories. Jing is the new resident of Cyndi’s old apartment and so the two continuously pass by each other. On the other hand, Jing is slightly aware of the past memories held in this apartment. Out of the blue, while Jing is at a café, she draws a sketch of the unfamiliar, yet familiar girl.

via Aiya They Didn’t.

Check the LQ subtitled version here, courtesy of JingCastleSubs.

It’s like idols pee music videos in Asia… how long has it been since The Opposite Me, and Broken were released? Yeah, like two weeks? So it’s 3 singles with an album that just came out a week ago. Western musicians release around 4 singles throughout the whole run of their album.

I have been listening to Broken (Huai Le) non-stop.

Seriously, guys.

Asia is having a Women Tuxed-off. First with the likes of Chris Lee and BiBi…

Now~~~ Hello Jing Chang!

She won the first season of Super Idol in Taiwan, and is actually signed on Gold Typhoon, which is also BiBi’s label now — someone’s got a fetish for girls in tuxes… LOL

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