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Amy, the Regular Mom

April 8, 2009 — 4 Comments

… Amy Poehler, that is.

Did you read the Advocate interview she did?? I just died laughing with this quote…

Who’s the most important gay person in your life now?
Shane from The L Word. She just can’t get her shit together. She’s a broken bird, and she needs someone to fix her. Just when you think she’s ready for love, she sabotages it. And the woman gives a rock ’n’ roll haircut. [Laughs]

Oh, Amy! The interview was fun~~~~ xD and she goes on to say this;

… I like children to have nice manners and a lot of boundaries. My hope for my children is that they’re happy, and my hope for myself is that people want to be around my children.

*sighs* where ARE those kind of mothers these days???

Ok… YouTube sucks. The video I was looking for says “deleleted by user” – it is most likely YouTube told the user to remove the video. Though, there is a slight possibility that the user removed it himself… less likely, but still possible~

Anyway, in the case anyone was wondering. It was a 3-part-video of Yu Aoi being followed around for some time (a month maybe?), and they showed two photos of when Yu Aoi was little (one in a tutu, and the other sitting in a classroom), they also showed her in a video store (renting or buying?) looking for dvds, and they showed a whole bit on the making of Hula Girls… even showing the part when Yu re-shot her solo dancing sequence. Other bits of footage showed Yu studying, something about driving, and something related to the death of her grandmother (or another relative?), which made her a bit emotional on camera.

You have any ideas on what show it is? and the link??? Please, leave a message. For the time being, I will leave you with this interview from the NHK talk show, Top Runner from when Yu was 19 years old (2004?) after the break.

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Here’s a few links for you…

Was anyone reminded of Christina Ricci on this TalkAsia interview? I was… LOL’ – But then again… my dad was reminded of Christina Ricci today when watching Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. He thought Bette Davis reminded him of Christina Ricci… so maybe, is it Remember Christina Ricci Day??

Anyway, here are the links…

Part 1 – Model Actress Singer
Part 2 – Breaking the Mold – LOL… no PURESHA~~~ xD
Part 3 – Facing the Future

Did anybody get the shivers from er… Anna’s skinniness? Just me?

I know, my sucky last post that begun as a notification of less buying, turned into reporting that Anna Tsuchiya will (or was) on this week’s TalkAsia. If my calculations were correct, it aired today at 8AM, when I wasn’t really up yet… so I’ll be catching it tomorrow at 8PM instead.

If I don’t get to catch it, I will try to see it online… just like I miss Jay Chou, I thought maybe some of you were looking for some missed editions… so I’m posting the TalkAsia with Jay Chou, Bi (Rain) and Lee-Hom Wang that I found…

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Juri Ueno - Nikkei Entertainment MagazineAwww, Juri-chan! I was reading a post over at the boards, and found that Yuuki provided a link to an English-translated  Juri Ueno interview for the latest issue of Nikkei Entertainment Magazine. Juri can be so charismatic~~ LOL’ but apparently it only works on girls. Let’s face it, girls~~~ Boys or most of boys have RUBBISH taste in women… case and point all those guy magazines, such as FHM. Here’s the chart~

Juri Ueno - Boy and Girl Charts

It’s a really insightful interview in which she discusses her latest film (GuGu), her acting in Nodame, Last Friends~ Here are some quotes;

“Rather than films, I grew up watching variety shows most of the time (laughs). Refining or adorning myself, I still don’t have much interest in that area. But in this era, the scope of what being ‘an actress’ is have widened greatly haven’t they? In the olden days, being an actress means you have to be beautiful and ladylike else it won’t be possible. Now, there are even roles like Nodame, and because of that, even someone like me is able to be one (laughs).


Being married probably won’t effect my focus towards work but at the moment the image of being alone is stronger. […]

Scans and complete article translation, here. ^^