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Once again, no subs ;P
But you can still enjoy the interview.

If I ever meet Yu-chan, I want her to introduce herself.
It’s so adorable every single time she introduces herself, something about the way she says her name with the combination of “minna-san” xD “minna-san, Aoi Yu desu~” xD

Oh, Ms. Holloway~

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Christina Hendricks has been called buxom, voluptuous, and even bodacious by the press. She wants us to know that she’s much more than her hourglass figure and bottle-red hair, but one thing can’t be denied: Whether she’s warm or cool to her secretarial pool, Joan is always smoking hot.

The Advocate has a new interview with Mad Men’s (and also Firefly’s) Christina Hendricks. x)

I can NOT believe she was a goth… and that she’s a natural blonde.

I’ve had many, many unrequited crushes. I knew this one guy’s entire schedule my senior year of high school and would conveniently be outside his classrooms whenever class let out. But I was a goth kid and he was a soccer player, so he wasn’t having it. He was just horrified by me.

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I know… just to close the month with something not charged.

I woke up this morning with a post by Electro^Plankton~

I don’t care what anybody says. I love them even without Kevin. Secretly I’m holding out for a full reunion with all 5 members, at least for a live performance.

that made me think it sounded like me. But read the post because it’s funny.

Anyway, the guys are releasing a brand new album (This is Us) this coming October (6th, in case you wonder) and apparently they’ll be going back to their old sound of R&B(ish) sounding Pop tunes that was so popular before, which to tell you the truth I’m not that thrill (not overly anyway) because I did enjoy their new sound, guitar driven rock-ish sounding pop ballads… but I did enjoy tracks like “Treat me Right” (produced by Nsync’s JC), so we’ll see…

In any case… BSB is promoting the album with the single Straight Through my Heart with a er… new video, which isn’t anything out of this world, but it has nice colors xD – but it does have cheesy vampire eyes and stuff~~~, and then there’s RollingStones who has a new interview up in their website.

Call them pop’s longest-running, most persistent group. Call them men, not boys. Just don’t call it a comeback.

For some reason it seems like the person who wrote the article was told to do an article on them, and she didn’t want to. It happens… after all Rolling Stones works with record companies to secure promotion and stuff.

I just want to hear what Max Martin can produce now… xD
If You Seek Amy wasn’t a let down xD and I’m pretty sure Bad Influence had his credits also.

sporting this AWESOME cover,

Natalie Portman for Interveiw Magazine

the newest issue of Interview magazine has an interview conducted by our favorite Jake Gyllenhaal (who’s sharing the screen with Portman in the upcoming Brothers) PLUS! with some good looking photos by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin – those are some though names to type.

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A new interview with Bibi came out… yesterday!
Or actually… two days ago considering they’re like 14hrs ahead of me~

Bibi Zhou @ Rong Chen Blog

Very cute interview, where they look back a bit on her singing…
Bibi’s mom is also there! And she’s got dimples!!! LOL
And Bibi doing celebrity impersonations~~~ xD – She is very good, if she weren’t singing, she’ll be doing that, I bet. Also pointing out the difference between herself singing, and doing impersonations.

Sorry, no subs… but still fun to watch.

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