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City Stories Shorts

August 25, 2009 — 2 Comments

Film Independent (alongside Banana Republic, and Vanity Fair) are currently showing a series of shorts, and you can vote for your favorite (if you are in the US, and are interested in a Banana Republic giveaway).

I can’t vote… or I’m not eligible for voting, but I can vote… but I don’t want Banana Republic stuff in my inbox. Anyway, I liked a few of the shorts – which you can watch on this website – particularly the one titled Steps.


Written by Marissa Jo Cerar, and directed by Barney Cheng.

I also have a soft spot for Three Times Me (boys are icky, *laughs* xD), and Foolishly Seeking True Love – and was it me, or were these shorts over-using French?

Anyway, check them out~ and vote for your favorite… or you know, if you don’t want to be spammed by Banana Republic, you can just leave your comment here xD

I used to be a really good moviegoer when I was 17… 18 and 19~ Perhaps catch 1 or 2 films a week… if there was something indie, maybe 3 or 4 films at the cinema! That’s a lot of money. I don’t go to the movies too often, and I wonder why.

1. Peru doesn’t cater to my taste in movies when I want to… where I want to. I would watch Inglorious Basterds, but it hasn’t open here yet. So considering… I would watch it only if it’s really good. Hopefully it will make it before it comes out on DVD in America xD

2. It takes ages for some films to be released, so by the time they’re released I already bought them on DVD, have already watched them as downloads or have already lost interest.

3. They never make it here. Hooray for cable! LOL But sometimes they don’t even make it there.

4. Little to no independent films. It’s always the big studios… Can I re-suggest IndieScreenings? You can read some of my thoughts about it in this YAM issue.

5. 98% of American films in the market. 0.01% of Asia. 1%Europe… 0.03% Canadian~~~ What gives? xD The rest can be whatever… co-productions, etc.

6. I know it’s about the money-making, but how about opening a specialized cinema that shows new independent/foreign releases?

7. Not cinema means I get to watch films when I have the time, not when they want me. I can watch any film at 2am even if theaters are closed. No need to queue or complain about the noisy couple behind you.

Anyway… how do they choose the films to be distributed? And who chooses??? Maybe I should work for a distributor company or something. Maybe we should work with Indie Screenings for a test.

Okay, my Chinese music has taken over my Asian music as of lately. So I felt I should make another playlist =D – I feel this is an interesting list, even though I couldn’t find a good video for Vae (is he that independent?), and was able to find only one video for Yuguo =’-(

  1. Yuguo – You Jian La Tian (Hello, Blue Sky)
  2. Mayday – Sheng Cun Yi Shang Sheng Huo Yi Xia
    (More than Surviving, Less than Living)
  3. Cheer Chen – Ji Ta Shou (Groupies)
  4. Crowd Lu – Wo Ai Ni (I Love You)
  5. LaLa – O Yi Xi (Oh, Easy)
  6. Vae – Ru Guo Dang Shi (In the Event that) – Not a video.
  7. Cheer Chen – Deng Dai (Waiting for You)
  8. Mayday – Bao Gan (Liver-busting)
  9. Milk@Coffee – Ran Shao Ba! Xiao Yu Zhou (Burn! Little Universe)
  10. Crowd Lu – Yi Bai Zhong Sheng Guo (100 Ways for Living)

I love how this list turned out, kinda like telling a story… right? Like just beginning your day with a certain energy, then chilling down a bit, until is not so easy xD and then bam! Liver-busting *laughs* – Combustion!!! Big Bang!!! And finally life goes on… xD

has been satisfied this weekend!!

I had just discovered the Chinese Music Blog~~~ while reading this post – on also one of my new Chinese entertainment stops. – I got interested on the term “Zhong Guo Feng” which is to be translated as Chinese Style, or Wind… Vibe… etc etc.  so I googled and ended up there~~~ I really like the term a lot more than the Chinked Out (nicked by Wang Lee Hom) though.

A lot of people seem to have a lot of different opinions on what music is what style, and so on~ I tend to think Chinked Out style is more of what LeeHom does, which is combining a lot of Hip Hop with very strong Beijing Opera elements (or other Chinese elements) … I really enjoyed that. *laughs* His latest album wasn’t so Chinked Out style, I thought, but I still liked it since I really also enjoy Rock N’ Roll and Elvis style *laughs*

Zhong Guo Feng… I dunno if the term was nicked by Jay, but I got introduced to it through him (and my friend Diana, of course *laughs*) – I really do enjoy his Chinese-oriented songs a lot more than his faster Hip Hop dancing tracks. The more piano he’s got in the album, the less he raps in them… the more I dig. xD

I do enjoy a whole lot more Zhong Guo Feng than any regular nasal dance pop.

And I love LOVE these new additions to my library. ^^

Milk@Coffee – Don’t let the name fool you (I foudn a lot of Starbucks related sites on my search) , after all… who can resist good Pop music?? Pop with an Umph! That electronic-y, quirky vibe. I love!!! Some of the songs remind me of Clazziquai in a way, which I also enjoy xD – They’ve got a bunch of great songs like Yi Qi Lai (Together), Space Cake or Lunar Garden~~~

Yuguo – I think this is by far the most “rock” band [MySpace] I’ve heard in Chinese. You know? We often hear of soooo many Pop acts, it gets a little bit boring. Their 2nd album, Babel, has just been released. It’s a great rock album with bits of electronic… and I think it’s a “themed” album~~ at least, it seems that way from the titles of the tracks. xD

Cheer Chen – *shrieks* How in the name of insert-God-name-here did I not hear about her before? She’s just recently released her fifth studio album Immortal (Tai Yang, as in Sun), and it’s pretty great… so I’m looking forward to her previous work.

[Simply Said][Floral Posture][Shou de Yu Yan]

If I ever go to Taiwan to study, she’s got a brand new stalker. *laughs*

Add to that debut albums by Vae (linked above) – before there’s any complaints~~~ he’s a doctor. ’nuff said. LOL

[You He Bu Ke (Why Not?)][Ru Guo Dang Shi (In the Event that)][Duo Yu De Jie Shi (Superfluous Explanation)]

and LaLa (Xu Jia Ying) – like I said~~~ I enjoy my Zhong Guo Feng, and also good guitar driven songs.

[Export (Chu Kou)][Oh, Easy (O Yi Xi)]

Hmm… I seem to be listening to a lot of chick music lately O.o

… you realize you spend all your time watching movies in your room with the lights off, while ignoring any form of communication, including real people.

You’re tears well up and hear heart jumps into your throat when you walk into a store with more than a hundred dollars ear marked for Criterion.

90% of your friends haven’t even heard of any of the films on your top ten, aside from you ranting about them. – Except the cool ones, of course ;P

you realize you like fictional people more than real ones.

everything in the world is seen as a film to you.

You spend more time on a certain film site any given day than you do talking to any member of your family.

you lecture people on what to watch and what not to. –  Of course!

you tell people about the inner working of film and they look at you like your a circus performer. With awe and confusion… and keep talking of how hot such and such looked.

You start to notice the names of directors… – You are lost. xD – *sighs* ever since I was a kid, even with music videos. what can you do, eh?

you come off like a pretentious jackass, even though you aren’t. when the subject of favorite films comes up.

You use your lunch break to buy movies instead of actually eating. – Oh man, I used to be that person when I began living alone hahaha.

you go to browse DVDs on a weekend night, and spent over 1hr just browsing through them even though you’re only picking three or four… a week. LOL – BAWWW I miss my friends.

the numbers of movies you own equals or surpasses the number of movies your entire other five family members own (combined). – SNAP! Guilty! I probably can put my whole family and friends “collections” and I would still have more.

you want to shoot yourself because you accidentally purchased a “full screen” version. DOH!

you would rather spend the evening sitting in front of the big screen with a good DVD than go out dancing with the significant other.

someone asks you what would you do if you had a million dollars, and you say “Buy every Criterion DVD” and an old drive-in theater to fix up and show nothing but the great films. – though I also want this sweet bike, but it turns out the bike is from a film… so~~~

your DVD collection suddenly has become too large for your set of shelves… – seriously~~~

everything on your Birthday list is a movie, or movie soundtracks~~~

LOL, many more reasons over at! Come and join me =D