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Just to Spite You~~

January 7, 2009 — Leave a comment

LOL, Canadian Government, xD

Four months ago (maybe five) I had a ticket to see BackStreet Boys at GM Place in Vancouver, but Canada didn’t let me in even though my friend was getting married. So I missed her wedding, missed seeing my friends and I missed BSB. Damn you, Canada.

Anyhoo, later I find that BSB is coming here. Crappy end of the deal? “Mundo Pop” is not a BSB show. CRAPPY. Also in the show is Belanova, which is pretty bleh, and Adammo (??) Who the frak. Oh, yeah~ and tickets are pricey. And there are a LOT of sections. You know, normally should be 2 zones… General and VIP, but NO! We take zones to another whole new level~~~ First, we took it to Super VIP. Yeah, there’s a Super Zone, but that’s not it! Take this concert as an example… there’s General, Preferencial, VIP… Super VIP… Kandavu (the company organizing the concert), and then there’s BSB. Normally, I would’ve chucked the price of the ticket~ Like I did Bjork. xD

I was about to buy a BSB zone, but let’s face it… ++$100 for a ticket is not exactly MY thing. said the one who wouldn’t chuck $60 to see Dixie Chicks. LOL’ – I still buy cds, so I still give away my money. There should be a deal, right? Show receipt of a recent (name of the tour) album and get a discount. xD

BSB en Lima Ticket

Also, Belanova doesn’t seem to fit with BSB… just saying. But I’ve got an open mind, I will let both groups try to impress me. But yeah… I’m paying this just to spite Canadian Gov. LOL otherwise I wouldn’t have chucked that money xD

Olympics haven’t begun yet, but Women’s Football (international for Soccer) Matches have already started. A whole bunch of different sports have already started…

Cristiane of Brazil fights for the ball with Simone Laudehr of Germany Marie Knutsen of Norway runs with the ball during the Beijing Olympic Games women\'s football Kara Lang (15#) of Canada shoots during Beijing Olympic Games women\'s football

Norway beated the USA

China beated Sweden

Germany and Brazil drawed

North Korea beated Nigeria

Canada beated Argentina

Japan and New Zealand drawed

Official Olympic Site – Football (Soccer) Photos
CNN Schedules & Results Calendar
Official Olympic Site – Sports

We Love Bree!

March 9, 2008 — 4 Comments

Let’s start off with a quote from

Bree Van De Kamp has a deeper role: She is Wisteria Lane’s beacon of perfection — the exquisitely starched pleat in a wash-and-wear world — and God love her, it’s the only thing keeping her sane.

We didn’t always love Bree, so correct in her deportment she made Miss Manners look sloppy.

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Marion at the BAFTA

February 12, 2008 — Leave a comment

I thought this two videos of Marion accepting and talking about her BAFTA wins were too adorable to be missed.

Marion Win Is Announced

Marion Talks About Her Win

Too funny a video.


Ich heiße Victoria~
In case you didn’t know, she’s called Victoria…
Ja. x’D

Wie geht es Ihnen?
Bin gut. x’D Ja. x””’D

I think Victoria might be mashing her German with some Spanish, and says she’s intelligent x’D

Ja! Hahaha. Poor, Geri. She’s getting confused too. x’D

Bra-bra is… bustenhalter!

Hahaha… anyway – too much language geekyness. If I keep at it, I might end up adding a German category. *tsk tsk*