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Testing it out… you’ve noticed?

Seems to be okay, though I got a bit confused when my Google account wouldn’t let me be my own ‘admin’ automatically… sighs. Just had to sign off completely~~

In case you may be interested… it does seem like it could be a good tool.

Here’s the Google Friend Connect section, and in case you want to implement this with your WordPress, this plugin seems to do the trick for the moment.

So please, if you’ve got a Google account, use it for the comments ;) and subscribe.

Some Minor Changes Here

April 8, 2009 — 2 Comments

You might not really noticed, since it was just changed in the CSS and ID tags, but I re-arrange some ;)

What you might notice… No more blogroll~~ Now it’s buttons! LOL Also!! You may notice that now we have a prominent button for Google and Yahoo subscriptions!! WEEEEEE~~ That means I want you to subscribe…

If you are a Google user (like me) add me to your Reader… there really isn’t any better way to keep up with updates, I tell you. I have a quite busy Google Reader, and it’s all dandy xD

So please, please~~ especially if you’re interested in Yu Aoi, Juri Ueno, Natalie Portman, etc etc… all the stars I talk about, as well as Award Season. No better way to keep you inform ;)

Travel Sand Scanlation~

January 8, 2009 — 3 Comments

Well, not exactly a scanlation because I’m not thinking about scanning my book. But I was thinking of translatings… or trying to translate Travel Sand to practice my Japanese. Writing, and all… I’ve been transcribing the first chapter, which includes a Hollywood postcard, the letter, and then a bunch of captions on scattered photos.

Of course, with the help of Google Translate (and its funny translations), Rikaichan and the damn Kanji dictionary. This is helping me with my writing as well, because I can’t read all the kanji, so I write them with handwriting input… though sometimes I get it wrong, it’s quite effective.

I was wondering, if any of you… (I know you’re out there because that Travel Sand post has quite a few views) were interested in me posting that. Leave a message.

Eigo de Asobo (in its original 1990 title display 英語であそぼ, or in hiragana えいごであそぼ), meaning… I think, Play in English or Let’s Play in English. Well, I actually didn’t know what the heck ASOBO meant, lol… but I looked it up. (answer here, if you’re interested in use and phrases), is another NHK show I remember catching a glimpse of. I actually went through my video archive on VCR tapes, and I had recorded some of the show during its 1998-2001 period.

According to Japanese Wikipedia, the show began in 1990 and went through several changes (as apparently many Japanese kids shows do), Continue Reading…

This post will not be fun. LOL’ – that’s a warning xD

I did a little Googling, and Yahoo-ing……. by typing ‘amy’ – my blog showed up on page six! Not bad really, if you count that I have to compete with Amy Winehouse, Amy Smart, Amy Lee, and a bunch of other Amy people… and most importantly, Amy Wong from Futurama. Now, I’m just hoping my porfolio climbs up in the following weeks, since turning it from Flash to WordPress.

By googling ‘amy wong’ on Google I showed up as #2 or #3, both my portfolio and blog – and did #1 and #2 or #3 on Yahoo! which was pretty nifty. Amy Wong from Futurama is pretty tough competition! That’s for sure.

Even though I do better in ranking on Yahoo! – I think Google is the best searching tool, by searching for ‘amy wong chan’ I was pretty much the only one showing up in Google, yet a few bunch other non-related stuff showed up on Yahoo. And for sure I’m the only ‘amy sue wong chan’ which was pretty nifty., except for the non-related Yahoo results.