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11 years of Google history in just a few minutes.
very informative… but read fast. xD

I want one. I wanna test Wave =D

I’m pimping out…

October 29, 2009 — Leave a comment

So I added more banners. I joined the HMV Hong Kong affiliates program since I seem to talk a bit about Chinese Music, and I also joined the one. I also have an if you haven’t noticed. So you know, if you are buying anything in any of those, just follow those links, even if you’re not buying the stuff I’m suggesting, anything you buy when following those links, will go to supporting this site out. =D

And you know, I’ll click yours if you click mine xD – I’m talking about those ads too.

So here you go, you can pre-order the new Crowd Lu album over at HMV HK only 13bucks! Actually, cheaper than YesAsia, right? xD YesAsia’s affiliate program is a bit messy, even though they’re trying not to. They work with which lets you link with a whole bunch of other ads… problem is, Affiliates works better. They let you link to specific products… I tried using their product links, but they just show a whole bunch (over 6000 products) with no way to search for the items I want to get.

HMV HK doesn’t seem to practical either, but at least it lets me link to specific products easier than the ShareSale system. Hmm… what do YOU know, I ended up making affiliate programs reviews~~~ LOL

Amazon and Google work better, because it just takes a few minutes to understand their interface and how they work. They make it easier to grab code and link to their items. ShareSale’s interface is a mess, everything is everywhere and it’s tough to find an specific item. HMV HK makes it easy to find an item to link to, but it makes you save the graphics (or even make your own) on your own server. Not practical. Tsk Tsk. Tut Tut.

What better way to show people that Google cares about your privacy, than with a cute animation on how it’s done. Only from Google Japan, of course~~~

Japanese 101

June 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

The most basic 101 you’ll read of Japanese. Why? Well, because I’m writing it, and I am pretty sure I don’t cover the basics… but I try my best to, so if I can do it – you all can. The basic stuff that is~~~

My background? Let’s see… when I was little (maybe 5 years old) I heard Sukiyaki. Hahaha – that’s my only memory of Japanese then. Then… because of some friends I did my venture with JPop without much success. However, I always sort of liked Japanese… after all TNP (Television Nacional del Peru) always showed NHK educational-dubbed programs.

In 2006 I did a crash course (is that how it’s called?) of Japanese. That means, I studied a month of Japanese and basic grammar… then stopped. And came back to it after getting all Japanese cinema crazy, haven’t stopped since then.

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