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I dunno what to do about the Glee Quote of the Week now that Glee is off until April. APRIL! For the love of God!!! What am I supposed to do until then, uh? Tell me.

Glee - 1x13 - Sex is not dating.

Santana: Sex is not dating.
Brittany: If it was, Santana and I would be dating.

*awkward silence*

LOL. That was so awkward, and so phunny. But the whole episode was soooo funny, especially the part about the judges. Oh but you gotta watch the whole scene play out. And I’m so totally convinced Rachel has a little Mary Cherry in her too. She also has (psychic) powers! LOL

so many lasts these week…
First Glee, now cookies…
last first week of 2009,
last year of the decade.

geez, depressing. xD

Here’s some biscotti~~~

Late quote, anyway~
I was listening to the Glee OST *sings*
I’m having trouble accepting there won’t be Glee for months.

Glee - 1x12 - Break into the Business

I can cry on demand. It’s one of my many talents. I am very versatile, and aside from nudity and the explotation of animals, I’d pretty much do anything to break into the business.

so true, Rachel. so true. LOL

Sorry for the late post on Glee.

This week’s quote has also to do with the screencap~~~


“How to Raise a Baby on Five Dollars a Day”

Saw it at the bookstore. Figured I’d steal it for you.
You know, in case you change your mind and decide you wanna keep it.

thank you Puck and Quinn…

Courtesy of Terri~~~
Will’s not-a-pregnant wife.

Glee - 1x10 - I'll Kill You Suzy Pepper

Listen, you little psycho. This is Will’s wife, and if I don’t get enough sleep my anti-depressants won’t work, and then I’ll go crazy and I’ll kill you.

Stalkers make me laugh.

Suzy Pepper (laughs) was played by Sarah Drew, who also played Bianca… Jaye’s stuttering stalker on Wonderfalls.