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Hahaha, the reason we love Nodame Cantabile is because Juri Ueno as lovable Nodame. Now, if you don’t know the series, you will still love this behind the scene of Juri Ueno singing Nodame’s Fart Exercise song.

It turns out that the song was so popular, Juri recorded a small album with kids songs. You can find the lyrics in Japanese, Romaji and English translation of the funnyness in here. (also includes imeem link)

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I Watch Catherine Too.

January 30, 2008 — 1 Comment

Anyone ever watched the Franco-Canadian show Catherine? TV-5 Latin America shows it, and I was trying to get some info online, but there wasn’t much. (to read a post about it click here)

CBC - Catherine Cast

Catherine is a pretty funny show done in French-speaking Canada, by CBC. It stars Sylvie Moreau as Catherine, a sassy and wacky advertiser at Mirage-Image Agency. Alongside Catherine, we see her landlady, her ex boyfriend, the Chinese owner of the grocery, etc. Oh! and don’t forget about her freak-o-megalomaniac flatmate, Sophie (Marie-Hélène Thibault).

If you’re a non-French speaker, or most likely are an English speaker… you can sign this petition to get it on DVD.

It seems water in California… or the US for that matter is ultra fertile, because everyone seems to be already preggers. It’s nuts! Planned pregnancies? Me thinks not so~ There are such things as condoms, and the pill… u know, loads of things to prevent you from accidental pregnancies. LOL’

Too funny a video.


Ich heiße Victoria~
In case you didn’t know, she’s called Victoria…
Ja. x’D

Wie geht es Ihnen?
Bin gut. x’D Ja. x””’D

I think Victoria might be mashing her German with some Spanish, and says she’s intelligent x’D

Ja! Hahaha. Poor, Geri. She’s getting confused too. x’D

Bra-bra is… bustenhalter!

Hahaha… anyway – too much language geekyness. If I keep at it, I might end up adding a German category. *tsk tsk*

Becoming a Model 101

December 7, 2007 — Leave a comment

u know the basics.
1. throw up everything u eat
2. pout. always. period.
3. squint ur eyes. squinty eyes makes mysterious.
4. pose in the most asymmetrical pose u can still stand on.
5. naked portraits are art.

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