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Jewels from Weibo. xD

I have no idea where people find these things…

I feel a little like invading her privacy… maybe I shouldn’t post these, huh? What do you think?

While searching for photos of Miki Nakatani, I ran into this picture of her as a kid — she can’t be topping 15 years old in here. She looks like she’s between 12 or 14. Because, MY GAWD. She looks different but not different, you know? This is the first EVER time I’ve seen her like this.

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April 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

Julyssa posted FINKL’s MV for Now, and I just couldn’t help and YouTube some more because… well, I really miss Hyori. LOL I really can’t believe how little she has aged (REALLY), as well as how with time… Hyori seems to have less and less clothing. LOL

She looks fantastic with a lot of clothing, to be honest. Like with the outfits in this Comeback Special performance~ she really should make a total turnaround for her comeback this year. I wonder what she’s planning~

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I always wanted to use that phrase: “From the Vault” LOL. Have I said how much I love Weibo? You find all these gems uploaded all the time. It’s amazing.

Yu-chan was so young in this one that she didn’t even write the kanji for “sai” next to her age.