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Here it is! Third batch of cookies~
x) Caramel Chocolate Walnut Cookies~

Ahda does some serious cute baking,
and I’m not talking about my 2nd batch of cookies. xD

Just take a look at her Fall Apple Pie. Lurv!

Just got a box full of cookies my friend made and sent over~
it is indeed Fried Rice Day. LOL

KFood Does Taste Better…

November 7, 2009 — 2 Comments

After an episode of Family Outing.

I mean, a bowl of white rice with dried-spicy-caramelized squid can’t taste much better than it did, after watching sexy (or Bingu?) TOP – Hahahahaha. Also, trying to get my other friend to watch too. I think she will be hooked soon. More on that later~~~ So are we one people at a time now?

Hyori-unnie, you’re so awesome.

Yejin-unnie, I miss you!

*does Grasshopper dance* Hahahaha.

Multiple Yu Aoi post day!
ending the month with 85 posts!

As you know (most people anyway) Yu pimps Kirin beverages. She’s been feature in a full series of Kirin Tea… “Afternoon Black Tea” and other tea-related beverages. One of the commercials that was released this past October was this cute one with the dancing xD

on Tudou.

Dancing and smiling Yu to make your day a happy one. xD

Bunch of other Kirin CMs below the break

To be honest, I do drink tea all day. Not Kirin, not sold locally. xD

Playlist is here.