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The first few stills for Aronofsky’s Black Swan have been released, as well as confirmation that the film will be opening the Venice Film Fest. *Excited*

My film count this 2010 is… atrocious. Can’t wait for this movie.

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Beginning August 6th until August 14th, exhibiting 4 local pieces — Contracorriente (Undertow), Octubre (October), Paraiso, and Chungui Horror Sin Lágrimas — as well as hundreds of other films from across Latin America.

Highlights not in competition? The Cove (ok, no… not really), A Single Man (!!), Ghost Writer (!!), and okay… The Young Victoria.

Director Mikael Windstrom will be giving lectures in the Festival’s workshops.

More info at the Festival de Lima Website.

Ugh, still can’t get used to MUBI.

Anyway~ The guys at the site formerly known as The Auteurs are letting you watch some of the films screening at the Libertas Film Fest in Croatia.

My personal favorite was the animated short Guliver, which sorta reminded me of Tim Burton’s style… but you know, about Guliver, in a much more grim setting.

All I know is that you can only watch it through MUBI with an account, which is FREE. You can join, and watch it. They always have a bunch of free stuff, and free stuff is always good. xD

If you’re still not sure, here’s the trailer~
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We have been talking about Mobile Phone Dramas for a while here… a little more than half a year.

Then there’s Mobile Phone Dramas. Sort of a hybrid between a series and commercials.. or other PR material, maybe a mix between short films and commercials that end up becoming a movie…

While Asia is taking product placement and marketing to a whole new level, here… they try to shove ads and other silly commercials on printed media. And more commercial time. And more clicking banners.

It seems BeeTV, which focuses on broadcasting dramas through cellphone carrier DoCoMo, has grown into more than 1 million subscribers paying $3 a month to watch this 5min pieces. Dude, that’s $3M a month for roughly 30min of footage in a cellphone.

Hollywood is jealous.

BeeTV broadcasts more than 20 short programs in eight genres like drama, music and comedy and plans to add shows on cooking, fashion and beauty for a total of more than 50 programs. The two most-popular are drama series “Love Letter in Five Years” and “Death Game Park.”

Some of BeeTV’s more popular shows are later released on DVD. The saucy drama series “Women Have Fun Twice,” starring five well-known actresses, will be screened in late June at the Taipei Film Festival after the number of episodes downloaded hit 900 million, a BeeTV record.

via Japan Now.

Women Have Fun Twice is that Asami Mizukawa mobile phone drama I was telling you about. And, OMG! It’s going to be screened at the Taipei Film Fest? Jealous!

I am eating up all this commercial stuff. Geez, and I don’t even own a cellphone. xD
I am not prepared for this type of marketing~

Not because she’s gonna be there, don’t get your hopes up, people.


From July 1 – 16, 2010 in NYC

The following Yu Aoi related films will be there:
Otouto (About her Brother/Younger Brother)
Hyakuman-en to Nigamushi Onna (One Million Yen Girl)

joining the line-up…

Ultra Miracle Love Story (Bare Essence of Life) with Kenichi Matsuyama
Dear Doctor with Eita
Memories of Matsuko by Tetsuya Nakashima
Kokuhaku (Confessions) by Tetsuya Nakashima (also at the NY Asian Film Fest)

more films and info via Nippon Cinema.

On Kokuhaku news, there was a little get together for the release of Nakashima’s film, which opens on June 5th, with the actors and actresses from his previous films. Yes, including Miki Nakatani (Memories of Matsuko), Kyoko Fukada and Anna Tsuchiya (Kamikaze Girls).

via Japan Now.