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Mario Testino and the Girls

December 3, 2009 — 3 Comments

I can’t remember when I first saw a Mario Testino photograph, but I do own his book PORTRAITS, which is big and pretty and has loads of pretty photos too. I love it.

You know Testino, right? If you don’t, think of any model of celebrity… and he’s probably photographed him. He’s photographed everyone but me, it seems. That’d be awesome, be photographed by Mario Testino. Come on, Mario! We can have food together in Lima. It’ll be fun. LOL

So now it will be a Mario Testino day~~~

I love his photography best when he goes simple. I really seem to not be able to stand most his high fashion photography though. I always feel it’s forced… like when he shoots Natalie Portman, and I love her. And she’s got some awesome photoshoots, but her Testino work doesn’t seem to click.

But I do love his almost naked composition, over-exposed, natural light, grainy and slightly out of focus. There’s something about that style that makes me tingle. Many of those last photos of Princess Diana are like that. They’re gorgeous.


That’s it for the first batch, check back for the 2nd~~~

Once again, no subs ;P
But you can still enjoy the interview.

If I ever meet Yu-chan, I want her to introduce herself.
It’s so adorable every single time she introduces herself, something about the way she says her name with the combination of “minna-san” xD “minna-san, Aoi Yu desu~” xD

Was this announced before? Because I remember talking about Yu with Vogue for some November issue.


From left to right – Ai Tominaga, Yu Aoi, Yukie Nakama, Shinobu Otake, Yayoi Kusama, Rie Miyazawa, Aya Ueto, Yukiko Motoya, and Ai Sugiyama

I’m not sure if it’s a women of the year, or the decade though xD
but I’m so happy for Yu (though not sure, since she didn’t have many projects out this year), and Happy Yu is so cute because you can’t help but smile when you see that smile.

vogue-women-yu-aoi-4 vogue-women-yu-aoi vogue-women-yu-aoi-2 vogue-women-yu-aoi-3

Check out the MyCom Journal Gallery [jp], Oh No They Didn’t,
and a full Yu gallery over at Walkerplus!

Headict SPAZZ~~~

October 16, 2009 — 5 Comments


You know I’m a crazy beanie/toque  type of person.

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I’m all over these! I’m telling you xD

SIRE Glasses

Take it away, electro plankton~

… each frame is made of 7 thin layers of water buffalo horn exquisitely hand crafted and polished. The horn fibers run in opposite directions for strength and flexibility. No idea how much they cost but there are 3 standard frames and 3 corrective versions.

On an off-topic matter.
I haven’t decided whether to Live blog the Emmys tonight.
We’ll have to wait and see…