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Quiet Room ni Youkoso - Cast - Yu Aoi, Yuki UchidaWatching Welcome to the Quiet Room, and listening to Yu Aoi’s Miki character telling Asuka she doesn’t eat because whatever she eats means that someone else more worthy doesn’t get to eat it, totally left me cold. I wondered what was the situation of eating disorders in Asia, since it’s ‘common knowledge’ that Asians are genetically skinny.

*sighs* I ended up reading quite a few articles dealing with the issue as far back as 1999 until this year. Throughout all of them, there is  an emphasis on cases on bi-racial young women, or women living in a bi-cultural environment. Taking the example of Chinese-American or British-Chinese women who weren’t as self-conscious about their weight living on this side of the world, but would get ‘picked on’ back in Asia because they tend to be ‘bigger’.

But I wasn’t too interested in those particular cases, I was trying to find how common are these eating disorder cases in other cultures, particularly Asia. I always thought Asians were thin naturally… always thought they’re skinny and love food. That’s what I’ve always seen in my family. It’s also noted on many of the articles that this value for food comes from the terrible years of starvation they went through in countries like China, India, Cambodia… even Peru where there still exists malnourishment. It is a crime to not eat, when there’s people who have nothing to eat. Yes, that’s why Quiet Room totally freaked me out… it was the first time I had heard that reason~~~ So there are eating disorders much more complicated than the “I want to be thin” one, for bi-cultural people is the “I want to be white”, for others it’s the sense of taking control over their lives…

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Yu Aoi - Knitted BeanieLOL






Well~~~ that was tough.
Wanna know what it says?? I sure hope I did this right~~

Of course I thought what I wanted to say first,
so I hope the Japanese I tried to use did the job I intended…

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I tend to buy stuff… depending on the stuff – I tend to buy more (dvds, cds) than regular people, or less (clothing, shoes) than regular people – in fact~~ I can probably buy a dvd/cd a week, but I tend to buy clothing once or twice every year or two. Truth be told, the last pair of sneakers I bought was last year  (expensive Fluevog boots in 2005, and 2 pairs of Converse in Shanghai in 2004) and that was because my 2001 Adidas are really REALLY used up… and even then, I prefer using that 2001 model than the new one. In my belief, the new Adidas I bought (which look pretty similar to the 2001 ones) don’t measure up to them. Sure, they are fresh… but won’t measure up to different weather conditions.

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Casual Yu > Fashion Yu

March 4, 2009 — 3 Comments

I never ever really talk about Fashion, since I don’t consider myself fashion~ tees and slacks are my thing~~

So… how do I go about this? Let’s see~~~

Casual Yu is the BEST Yu.

Casual Yu Aoi

Be it wearing an oversized tee, slacks, baggy shorts, a sweater, a beanie, truck caps~ sure, sure~ most of the pics above are magazine shoots, or photobook pics, and even the seldom movie still~ but there are also 5 candid shots from project sets~~ completely adorable on that Don’t Laugh at my Romance on-set shot with the white/creme beanie. Even that theater-personnel uniform shot is pretty cute.

Now, don’t get me wrong~ modeling Yu is pretty great – I LUV LUV LUVVVV Travel Sand and Dandelion. And I think Yu and Yoko Takahashi should come over to Peru for some great shots in Machu Picchu, and all the many ruins in here~~ plus, loads of food.

However, I prefer seeing Yu all casual and relaxed than Fashionable Yu. You know, the one on the red carpet at some event, or modeling on a photoshoot to some high fashion magazine.

Fashion Yu Aoi

I must admit though, I dig her bangs on the bottom right pic, which I’m pretty sure is a candid from a photoshoot. Crazy bangs, I know… kinda off, but I think works with the pic.

Weeee! Juri Ueno and Aoi MIyazaki (among others) have been named Women of the Year! Read more about it on Juri’s LiveJournal Community

Vogue Nippon - Women of the Year 2008

From left to right – Edo Harumi, Yukari Ichijo, Yukiko Ueno, Aoi Miyazaki, Kanako Higuchi, Juri Ueno, Mieko Kawakami, Suzanne, and missing Jakucho Setouchi.

Cute kimonos xD I especially love Aoi Miyazaki’s one just because I’m not a very colourful person, despite my colorful blog.