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Alright, alright – I am hardly not biased… but since going on my Joan Crawford marathon with DVDs and books — yeh, I’ve spent a bunch of $$$ on Crawford stuff this month — I’ve been thinking that Crawford’s life would make one heck of an interesting movie.

No, I’m not talking Mommie Dearest.

Imagine this:

Please, Carly Pope in her Crawford costume? Of course, no squinting of the eyes. Plus, Pope has already sort of played Crawford when they did that spoof on Ryan Murphy’s Popular.

She can totally nail it.

Crawford’s biopic would begin from her mysterious childhood, not knowing when exactly. Her biological father abandons her family, and later her stepfather is gone. Her life affected by it, and then her short experience at school. Not being an educated person would mark her life in that she feels not good enough. She’s not a sex bomb like other actresses, or seen as good as more talented actresses like Bette Davis — we can even bring Leslie Bibb for it. Crawford needed to prove she belong in that MGM lot, and she knew she only had her on street smarts to get ahead~~~

We gotta admit Crawford pushed women away… especially threatening to her career because she was insecure. With failed marriages, no biological children, her only “baby” was her career which started slipping away with the years. However, she was a survivor… changing to what the public needed her to be, and what she needed to be to survive.

A film with the struggles to reach the stars… from flapper to Hollywood diva, her marriages, and lovers~~~ including an on/off affair with Clark Gable, her friendship with him… what would have happened if both their love lives had finally met in the middle? Her miscarriages, her ultimate decision to adopt kids, her tormented relationship with the first two… until the final announcement of the release of Mommie Dearest, and her cutting her first two kids off her will.

Hollywood, make it happen. Her life is material for even two films… but considering we know so little of her beginning years, you can cram it into one, right?

The Happy 101 Award

August 7, 2010 — 2 Comments

Anomalous Material just posted a Meme about 10 Things that Bring You Joy.

But before we start with mine… let me just say… “Forehead Titaes!” *giggles*

Okay, moving on… what are some of the things that bring me joy?

1. The sight of chocolate

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

In any shape or form. It doesn’t matter how pissy or how gloom I may be, I see chocolate and suddenly the world seems a better place. And forget about having a taste of the chocolate-y goodness.

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November 18, 2009 — 1 Comment

I found these shots of Anne Hathaway taken by Yu Tsai


Cute, but you gotta see the ones with Eva Green — photographer, I dunno.
You know? Well, let me know then…

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Sep 11

Pimp the Blog!

From time to time, I link back to Julz blog, even though most her postings are now locked. What’s up with that, Julz? xD Anyway, I think it’s time to pimp blogs from time to time because, well… some blogs have simply good taste.

So I’m here to PIMP murmure*

murmure* is a Japanese blog in Japanese – don’t worry, you can still try to read it with Google translate – that talks about some different things, among those things are 3 mighty fine topics~~~

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Well… ‘interactive’ almost haha

Hmm… two weeks ago, in fact~~~ On February 25th, I was watching NHK and saw this pretty awesome segment where they showed this JDrama that you could put your face into, the second segment mentioned a new for of ‘karaoke’ to voice-over anime~~~ To tell you the truth, I found it hilarious!

Anyway, I was trying to find some info on it, but since my Japanese is so limited I couldn’t really google anything. Luckily, I was watching NHK this afternoon and recognized the hosts, so I could go to the show’s website and find out. And so I did!

The first segment is Sangwoo & my Story – obviously a romantic JDrama aimed at women who want to put their face into the protagonist body. LOL’ You literally scan your face, and they will make it all digital and moveable… they will even give u a digital surgery so your face is not wonky xD ~~~ Then they just paste your digi-most-improved-face onto the body of the person playing the lead, make your digi-mouth move at the proper sync and you got yourself into your love story JDrama. You buy it on DVD, go home to watch yourself on screen with your Asian hunk.

Sangwoo & my Story - Face Scan and Tweak

Pretty amazing stuff, really… even if it’s kind of weird. Can’t possibly imagine what the porn industry could do with that… LOL – Can you?


The second segment was a feature on – who have released a type of Karaoke machine to dub anime, so otakus can go… knowing all their favorite anime lines, begin recording with a passion, and then watch their masterful over-dubbing~~~ Funny stuff considering I could sit with my friend and play Harry Potter PoA while watching the film~~~ I find this one more funny, than impressive though… The above ABOVE idea was crazy.

Now, if all dramas could be like that~~~ let’s start with Japan. Can you imagine being in Nodame? Or Osen??? Can you imagine put your face into Eita’s body and get to hug Juri playing Ruka. LOL Can you imagine that in a western show… or I mean, your favorite American or English show?

I know a few that will probably considering being on FRIENDS… Well, I know many will likely do the karaoke-voice-over thing with it anyway.