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OK Go does Pythagora Switch (PITAGORA SUICCHI) on steroids… and other enhancing performing substances. Released on March 1st this year… single from the album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, the video was directed by James Frost.

But seriously, guys. This isn’t about the music, it’s all about the video. Possibly our contender for Breakthrough video of 2010~~~ I wonder if there will be any more awesome videos???

Months ago I blogged this NHK 10 min. segment on Yu’s favorite book. Tabi o Suru ki? – Google translates it as “Tree Travel”? – Well, YouTube user kaurismaki uploaded the 10min. not long ago. It would be AWESOME to get this subbed =D even though you don’t see much of Yu, but the segment seems to have a good feeling. Very serious.

Once again, a request to get this translated! It would be awesome to hard-sub this. ^^

Hmm… think it’s like National Geographic in the theater, and Isabella Rossellini in the shape of various different animals. Really… literally.

Green Porno - Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno series (which I wasn’t aware of) has just released it’s 2nd season. You can watch the first and second season through the Sundance Channel, here.

I particularly thought series2 was better, so that’s actually an improvement! Now, if only classes at school were that visually interesting~~~ *laughs*

Japanese 101

June 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

The most basic 101 you’ll read of Japanese. Why? Well, because I’m writing it, and I am pretty sure I don’t cover the basics… but I try my best to, so if I can do it – you all can. The basic stuff that is~~~

My background? Let’s see… when I was little (maybe 5 years old) I heard Sukiyaki. Hahaha – that’s my only memory of Japanese then. Then… because of some friends I did my venture with JPop without much success. However, I always sort of liked Japanese… after all TNP (Television Nacional del Peru) always showed NHK educational-dubbed programs.

In 2006 I did a crash course (is that how it’s called?) of Japanese. That means, I studied a month of Japanese and basic grammar… then stopped. And came back to it after getting all Japanese cinema crazy, haven’t stopped since then.

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The Big Read - 2009

Nelson Mandela, Queen Rania, Paulo Coelho, Luis Jaime Cisneros V. have come together with others around the world like Natalie Portman, and Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass) on this global project for education.

You can head over here to read some of the stories (in English, Francais, y Español~~ some even in Arabic… but why not in Chinese, Japanese and Korean? I could do some Japanese easy to read stuff~~), and add your name to the list~