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Only ONE spot missing! On the #4 spot is Evan Rachel Wood~~~


Back in 2002 and 2003… and maybe half of 2004, I was the hugest Evan Rachel Wood fan on this side of the world. I mean, I used to watch every weekend Sony’s reruns of Once & Again, so when I moved to Canada and saw that I would be able to watch Thirteen at the cinemas, I was thrilled. I probably should still have my used ticket somewhere.

Anyway, after Thirteen came and went, Wood began to be cast oftentimes as the Lolita of the films she chose to make. They weren’t bad films, but her choice of roles seemed to be getting boring. Down in the Valley (with Edward Norton) wasn’t a bad film, but it was a pretty average role of the young girl that sleeps with the older guy and stuff happens. Then came Running with Scissors (directed by Ryan Murphy, and working alongside Annette Bening, Alec Baldwin and Gwyneth Paltrow) which wasn’t really a bad film either.

It wasn’t until King of California (with Michael Douglas) came out that I started to pay attention again. That was followed by The Life Before her Eyes (with Uma Thurman, directed by Vadim Perelman of House of Sand and Fog fame), and eventually ended up working as Lucy on the dramedy/musical Across the Universe. I’m pretty much sold right there and then~

Last year, she showed up on a bit of The Wrestler, so any Aronofsky film on anyone’s filmography is cool on my books, and then showed up on Woody Allen’s Whatever Works with a pretty hilarious southern accent. She is currently working as an over-sexed (most likely) vampire lady on the HBO True Blood with fellow actress Anna Paquin.

Next up for Wood, The Conspirator directed by Robert Redford with James McAvoy, Robin Wright Penn, Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson and Alexis Bledel. Worth to keep an eye on her ;P

We’re closing in the Top 3 Actors list, with Michael Angarano on the #3 spot. xD

Michael Angarano

Angarano seems to be acting for what feels like forever. He’s appeared as the kiddo who thought was a teen on the critically-acclaimed Almost Famous. He’s also been on Lords of Dogtown (with The 20 to Watch fellow Emile Hirsch, Heath Ledger, and fellow who didn’t make it Melonie Diaz), Snow Angels (with fellow The 20 to Watch Olivia Thirlby), Man in the Chair, and even dared to share the screen with bombastic martial artists Jackie Chan and Jet Li on The Forbidden Kingdom. Oh, yeah… and he’s also been the non-gay kiddo of our favorite gay Jack McFarland on Will & Grace.

Next up for him is Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning, an animation featuring Michael Keaton, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Marcia Gay Harden. And after that, there’s Ceremony with Uma Thurman and Lee Pace.

I still wanna see what’s in store for him~

We have actually already spotted Carey Mulligan on this site, and she’s on the #5 spot of the list of 20 Actors Between 20-25 to Watch Until They’re 30… on the Actress list.

Carey Mulligan

Man, what a year Carey Mulligan has had, and with award season coming our way, we can only wait to see her more often, and everywhere. As of Oct. 15, Mulligan still leads the Oscar for Best Actress race for her role on An Education, and it’s been that way since July… and ever since the film premiered at Sundance.

She seems to capture your attention on screen, even in small roles like on My Boy Jack (with fellow The 20 to Watch Daniel Radcliffe), and she seems to have a certain maturity on screen that doesn’t make you think “oh, look at this girl,” but it’s more like “look at this woman.”

If she wins Best Actress (or just gets nominated), that’s enough reason to keep an eye on her future roles.

Surprise! On the #4 position, there’s Josh Peck.


The heck is wrong with you, Amy? Nickelodeon guy, really? Drake & Josh??? — Just hear me out. He may be a Nick dude, but he managed to participate on two very-non-Nick-friendly films~~~ Mean Creek (with fellow who didn’t make it, Rory Culkin), and he even dared to appear on Havoc (with Anne Hathaway, Bijou Phillips and Joseph Gordon-Levitt)… and that’s when he was still working for Nick.

Last year, he worked on The Wackness sharing the screen with Ben Kingsley, Famke Janssen, Mary-Kate Olsen and fellow the 20 to watch, Olivia Thirlby.

Peck has lost weight, grew up (he is even taller than his Drake & Josh castmate/friend), so he’s got that “not-looking-bad-yourself” thing in his favor. He just needs to stay away from so much voice work and Nick cameos (for a while) and begin pimping the acting chops.

We are actually making it half our list of Actresses now! On #6, Aoi Miyazaki.


Always, all the time, all I hear is “Miyazaki Aoi is so kawaii (cute) and how awesome she is,” and well~ she is also so very popular in Japan topping every list there could be. However, scratch all of that, and what have you got? You’ve got an actress.

I’ve seen her in a few couple of films, some of them are pretty great like Gaichu (Harmful Insect), or are very deeply sentimental like Sukida. Her films often have to deal with human emotions, though I’ve also seen her doing comedy~ but what truly makes me think she can pull it off if she decides to stay away from this love-interests type of films was her decision to play the lead on NHK’s historical drama, Atsuhime.

This role that lasted a whole year let Miyazaki play Atsuhime from her tender kid age, throughout her teens, her 20s, her30 up until her death in her late 40s. She played innocent, clueless but at the same time idealist. She matured and began learning how things in life and politics work, and stood by her ideas trying to make everything better for everyone. Miyazaki truly nailed it on this one.

This is why I’m putting her here.