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The CM was taped using a high speed camera and only used 2 seconds of it to produce the whole CM. The CM shows Aoi Yu eating the chips with her mouth opened wide and gnawing it in very slow motion.

“I feel a little embarrassed,” said Aoi Yu with a smile. She also said that she loved Calbee’s Pizza flavoured potato chips and has been eating it as a child.

via Japan Now.

Well, that is embarrassing, to be honest. Imagine someone taking a photo of you as you close your eyes to chew on your food — I’ve done that, to my mom buahahahaha — now imagine someone shooting you on high-speed camera for just 2 seconds to probably make a 15sec commercial. Embarrassing! xD

– updated Aug 31st –

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Here’s a kitty.


and a raccoon ~ xD


February 19, 2010 — 1 Comment

This is so awesome. The most Batman I had was a sleeveless t-shirt with the batman logo. However, I did have a Spiderman pajama that had everything (even the mask) except for the hands, coz hands are difficult. So it was like a one-piece Spiderman pajama with a mask xD I totally rocked that one.

I know I should have a picture of that somewhere.

In the meantime, take a look at these super heroes! xD

Apparently it’s the best ad to run during Superbowl.
but then again, I don’t watch Superbowl…

This is what I call mignon geek xD

And there’s a series!

I know there’s people  that HATE — and I really mean HATE — Hello Kitty with a passion. I know there’s also people that love Hello Kitty… and I remember my friend even made a drawing of Hello Kitty eating Mickey Mouse. Hahaha. It was only HK with a little dark-spaghetti-like-tail in its mouth.

Anyway, I digress~~~ The fact is Hello Kitty is turning 35 — crap, HK is older than my cousin xD

The news reminded me that Barbie is also turning 50, and oh how much has Barbie changed throughout the years. I wouldn’t be surprised she’d be a common Botox user, as well as pretending to go to the gym and starving herself to death to keep that body of hers…

Change isn’t always good, just like the re-designed version of Strawberry Shortcake. It’s not like the new version is a technically bad version, but I would wonder why I would want my daughter watching her. Old Shortcake was short and child-like cute with baggy clothes, big boots, green/white stockings, and short curly red dreaded-hair. She was like a kid, and petted her cat (whatever connotations that may have now…).

New Shortcake is skinny and wears pretty tight clothing. It’s so tight, it almost looks like a freaking one-piece.  She has wavy and lustrous hot pink hair, and uses soft pink lipstick, and she freaking chats on her cellphone. WTF. I don’t want my 6-year-old who barely knows how to write on paper to spend her afternoon nagging me over a cellphone. No wonder kids are so effed up nowadays~~~ 6-year-olds acting like they’re 14.