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LOL’ What is it? The Whip Ship. Love it. xD

I just saw a glimpse of season9 of CSI on the TV, and it turned out to be Lady Heather leaving Grissom, and him telling her to stay. I haven’t watched CSI for what feels like ages~~~ Perhaps my last proper episode was the last season with Lady Heather (season7)~ xD But you know, I also saw the one with Sara and the bye-bye to Warrick, but that’s been on and off really…

Just a few days ago, I was about to swear off shipping, haha. Really, I had lost most giddiness which comes with being a shipper, but just seeing a glimpse of Lady Heather back and a share scene with Grissom makes me giddy! Just in time!!! Right?

I’ve always sort of followed Catherine/Grissom, over Sara/Grissom – mainly because there was a time where I just couldn’t stand Sara’s self-righteousness… and despite Lady Heather/Grissom’s slim chances, I’ve always had a thing for them together~~~ Even if they appeared to have reunited under some shady circumstances (Grissom sad over his relationship with Sara), anyway~ I’ll take any giddy at the moment!

Let’s hope for more Lady Heather… eh~~~ even if Petersen is not on CSI any longer…

I just watched an episode of CSI Miami. Not a fan of CSI Miami, I have probably seen 3 episodes of CSI Miami, and I’ve never gotten into it. Never got into CSI NYC either… heard that it’s surpassed CSI in raitings, but still probably won’t get into it.

I enjoyed CSI when it began, pre-spin-offs, but I haven’t seen a new CSI episode since probably the last episode I saw Lady Heather in. AM a fan of Lady Heather~ Catherine and Grissom, and always a small weakness for Lady Heather and Grissom. LOL’ But I haven’t been following CSI, has it lost its charm? Maybe. Perhaps… there’s too many forensic shows around nowadays.

Does CSI still surprise you? I don’t know how many of you still wait to the end of the episode to find the guilty one, but my mom and me play around by pointing out the people we think could be guilty. The only rule is that is has to be before the commercial break.

The first an only key is to watch films and shows, because if you know a guest-star on any CSI episode, it will most likely be the guilty. That’s it. LOL. Case and point, Katherine Moennig guest-starring, I told my mom that I knew her so she must be guilty. After that, another actor showed up and I told my mom I knew him also, as well as another guy. All of them turned out to be somewhat guilty.

So there you have it folks, guest-starring 101.

If you tend to watch a lot of TV and movies, and are good with faces and names, you begin noticing familiar faces throughout the years. It is then, by chance, that you suddenly discover that you have in fact been finding bright new talents… or hidden talents. You know their faces, you know where you’ve seen them, but you can’t quite get their names until you research, and never will it happen again.

I’ve been an avid procrastinator for the past 12 years of my life, ha! I’ve watched a lot of TV and movies (more in recent years), and I’ve found myself saying “Well, he/she looks awfully familiar. Haven’t I seen him/her somewhere before?” Yes, yes I have. And that gives me a fuzzy feeling… a fuzzy special something that makes me think I’ve got this tiny little treasure, and I saw it… sort of first.

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