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Just started this.

My Fake Criterion Collection

Looks kinda interesting~~~

Plus! Ewan! Pierce! Wilkinson!
Olivia Williams! And Samantha… I mean, Kim Cattrall…

Though I feel the trailer spoils the film a bit too much.
The only person who can answer this is Julz…
Does it?

I love Kore-eda’s work and sensibilities as a director. He always gets to me. And doe-eyed Doona Bae is always so good to see. Perfect to play a blow-up doll. LOL

I suck at Best Kissing Posts. It’s been over 10 months since my last posting on it.

Let’s make things clear first. To me, Cinema Paradiso was a film about love… but above all, it was a film about love of film, and life. My favorite version is not the Director’s cut, but most my friends loved it more because it focused more on the romantically tragic love between Salvatore and Elena.

That kiss on the rain during the public screening after Salvatore curses to the heavens about Elena not being there, and Elena coming back and kissing him like that it’s hot.

But the scene that made the movie for me was the last 3 minutes of the film, when grownSalvatore sits at the theater to watch what Alfredo had left. Continue Reading…

Late post! Internet issues! But it gave me the time to watch this awesome kick-ass animated film that apparently was released early in the year, but I have heard nothing about it. So Amy do, as Amy does.

I am pushing for a nomination, ha! Here’s a brief write-up:

I just saw the best animated film I’ve seen all year. A stop-motion funny, yet compelling serious drama about the unlikely friendship between one cute, albeit kinda weird, 8-year-old girl in Australia and some 40-something-year-old Jewish/Atheist man living in New York.

You should all try to check it out, even if it’s online because if it weren’t for the internet, I wouldn’t have EVER heard about it.

Now I’m pushing for a nomination… AT LEAST a nomination. We all know Pixar’s UP is a lock on it, and will probably win (boooooring), so I’m pushing for Mary and Max this season.

If it gets a nod (very unlikely, since there’s no marketing or buzz), I will die of happiness~~~ xD

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