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May 29, 2009 — 1 Comment

let’s see how this works.
posting to blog, fb and Flickr… though, no image to upload.
though, I should… let’s add that blinking gif.


/* edit*/

Well, I did various test posts through Posterous with my FB and Flickr accounts… and of course, WordPress, which seems dandy. Won’t really be using it much, unless I’m away and stuff. There’s not much point to doing it when I can access my blogs and all other accounts.

Perfect tool for travel blogging! *hint to you, Julz*

or event blogging… almost works as Twitter, but better. Because you can post to Twitter, and Blogs and all… ALL, at the same time. Easy breezy~~~

The only thing I can’t control is categories and tags. I wonder~~~

Hey, people!! For those of you just beginning to read this blog, the 6-Month-Mark refers to how long my interest seems to last.

I’m sooooo happy to say that it’s almost a year since I first saw All About Lily Chou Chou, and Rainbow Song. In fact, I’ve got my timeline all figured out (thank you, FB hahaha) – It will be a year on the 16th… since I got Asian (Japanese) cinemaphiled… a year of complete Yu Aoi also.

I’m preparing a ‘special’ post for that day, hahaha ‘coz it’s been a long time since I had found a subject to last this long… 3 years, give or take of fluttering fandoms. And because Yu Aoi fandom seems scattered, or very idol-craze sometimes… I have taken as my ‘job’ to create a place where we focus a lot on projects, and work less on icons, banners and graphic making. A place to discuss films, the seldom ‘crazy good’ photoshoots and NOT focus on personal life. LOL

As much as I love reading Lainey every weekday… I will not be blogging about Yu’s personal life. I have decided~~~ Now, you can blame that on two websites I visit (two actresses… one I’m a frequent visitor, and the other I’m even ghost staff almost hahaha). I’ve been taught to respect their privacy, and so I will. *sighs*

I will not be re-branding my site… this will still be my blog, and I will post about any other subjects that I want (specially during Award Season)… but hopefully I will have a good amount of Yu Aoi postings monthly. You may have also noticed that some links to Yu Aoi films are not working anymore, and I doubt I will be posting any film on my own… they are quite easy to find through Google.

I’m not against downloading stuff for distribution sake, I’m also in favor of fansubs… but if you love one of the films, and a release with the subtitles of your liking is officially available, go ahead and buy it. Buy photobooks… and other merchandise you feel like getting as long as it is to support an actor and their work. Don’t go around saying you support someone if you haven’t ever bought one of their films (in any region), or haven’t even gone to the theater to watch their films (in case the film is distribute theatrically), or even spent $20 to buy their ‘official’ calendar.

Yes, I know. Photobooks are pricey, so are Japanese region DVDs (and some don’t even have subtitles!!), but there are other ways you can support someone. American fans can go watch Tokyo! in theaters… they can buy Hana & Alice, or All About Lily Chou Chou, they can also buy Hula Girls. They can also support Yu projects by buying TekkonKinkreet on DVD and Blu-ray… or buying Honey & Clover which seems a pretty popular Yu Aoi film, or the Tetsujin 28 which I haven’t even dared to watch.

As a final note, you can pre-order Tokyo! (if you liked it, I’m not making anyone buy anything against their will) on DVD and Blu-ray discs, which will be released on June 30th.

Stupid Random Post!

April 26, 2009 — Leave a comment

This is post 44 of the month!! Hahahaha~~ I’ve matched the months of Feb’09 (end of award season) and Nov’08 (nearly beginning of award season), both with 44 posts a month. xD As you may, or not may have noticed~~~ I have been trying to post once a day (at least) – in order to make it ‘more active’ – but still, only my friends seem to comment, even though there is an increase of visits. *sighs*

Participate, people!

And if you are a fan of Yu Aoi… or hmm, Award Season- subscribe. Up there on the right of the screen… social me.

You’ll get to add me to your Google Reader or Page, or your Yahoo page~~ you’ll help me on web rankings, and you’ll get the latest news (because I’ll be doing all the work) on your RSS reader. And hopefully you’ll be “ad”ing those “clicks” –oh no I didn’t– Yes, I did? I need some money… so those clicks are gold. Hopefully that PR/cherry won’t screw me over~


Well, now I’m pretty tired~

Oh, yeah! I finished working on some photos I took just hours ago~ of Hayabiki. A Japanese/Peruvian… or Nikkei/Nissei group of JPop/JRock. Seems pretty big. I checked their mySpace (won’t link to it ‘coz it’s pretty empty), and they seemed more interested in fusioning Okinawan music with Rock, which I could dig more than Jpop/Jrock~ tsk tsk.

John (the lead singer) is pretty cool though.

Well, this post turned out not so stupid ;)

I bought my own server and domain, and opened by first ‘proper’ blog. sighs~

And damn it! I lost that domain because the stupid company I was using, didn’t automatically renewed my account, and they never sent me an email notification. Dumbasses!!!

So I spent 1 month without knowing why my domain wasn’t working, and when they finally confirmed my thoughts it was too late~~~ someone had taken my domain and was trying to sell it to me at a higher price. Assholes!

April 18th is remembrance day~~~ LOL website - April 18th 2004

Emo-est website ever? True. But that site had pretty nifty content like faux-interviews~~~ I should do those again! LOL’ Had some phunny lists like “You know you’re Peruvian when…” or “I hate it when…” – there was music, a lot of fanart icons and wallpapers, and my favorite of all~~ there was a movie faux-database. It was actually all .html and nothing fancy, but I did take the time back then to write as many reviews as films I got to watch each week. Sometimes once or twice a week, sometimes I wrote more than four reviews~~

Now I watch and listen to too much stuff to write individually… sighs.

too the long-gone!!! *raises glass* Cheers!

Today, two years ago, I began using WordPress!

I’ve gone through… several WordPress updates (some of them messing up with the website), many CSS styles~~~~ and a LOT of topic changes AND even MORE~~~ category additions~~~ and of course, one of the first proper posts was a rant, coz Amy loves ranting. xD However, in those days and age~~~ Amy ranted about many topics into one post~ the rant turned from a Dixie Chicks forum heated discussion, to how crappy Jennifer Hudson winning an Oscar was. LOL I still feel the same way though~~ Rinko Kikuchi so totally kicked major butt there~~~

Topics haven’t changed much actually… I still rant about Oscar, and AM so into Japanese films. Haven’t seen much Rinko Kikuchi since then though… as I am still waiting for Brothers Bloom to come out anywhere I might be able  to watch.

Similar to today, a year ago… well not exactly today, since I didn’t blog on March 3rd 2008 –  but 7th, I blogged Julyssa’s Greta Garbo’s book gift. WOOOOOOO – Julyssa!!! It’s been a year since that gift!! Thank you SOOOOO much. Greta Garbo photographs are sooooooo AWEsome. Ne? xD

So thank you, WordPress~ Two years together! xD