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I’m not really a huge fan of Arcade Fire, but I do like their image and visuals. I like them enough to appreciate them, and enjoy their music enough to give their albums a go.

Ready to Start is an old school rock video shot in black and white.
It’s got great energy, and great visual contrast.

Only without the Cannes part. xD

The Lima Film Fest opened tonight, at a freezing night for reporters. I saw people shivering, but we had to wait outside for people to go in before us… and you know I don’t do “social photos” I HATE, LOATH the social section on magazine and newspapers. So I decided to take more photos of the sceneries xD

And then camera people screamed at people “please, such-and-such a pose for this side too” so I felt obliged to take photos. And you know I hate using flash, even though it’s so dark… but I like blurry grainy photos anyway… so when I was going through the few photos I took, I thought… Hmm… wouldn’t they look nice in black and white?

So this is me trying some “classic” look.

I’m thinking of writing a 10 Tips for a Better Red Carpet event list. xD
Remember guys, it’s PASO, PASO, POSE. Not PASO, PASO, PASO… OKAY I’M GONE.

Check out the whole set here.

Oh yeah, sweet baby beegesus.

You know you can picture it already.

Ryan Murphy announced that Glee will have a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed-episode, and Chris Colfer said he’d like to sing Time Warp. Among other news, Brittany [dumb as a rock, but funny as hell] will get her own episode, as well as Mercedes — poor Tina, we need her around.

video deleted

Ooh la la!

Mademoiselle Laurent featuring Bokeh xD
in black and white. I love.

Thank you other-Amy for the link =D

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Reading the comments of Bibi’s new single Canned Fish, I learned of this Nuit Blanche controversy.

You see… the video is about 4 months old, so I doubt it’s a tribute of sorts. Having said that, I think the music in Bibi’s video works different in that it creates a lot of “tension” between female Bibi and “male” Bibi — if you get my drift. The original, seen above, has better execution though, even without the tension between the guy and the woman, you feel like it’s a beautiful piece… a timeless classic.

See, same concept, different execution.

Here’s the YouTube version if you don’t have a Vimeo account and want to add it to a list.