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Tartaruga Folding Bike!

September 17, 2008 — 2 Comments

Tartaruga Folding BikeAmy WANTS. xD

You know, ever since I was little, my mom used to say she will win the lottery. I remember she asked me what I would want when she won, and I told her “A bike.” – LOL, Am now 22, and I still haven’t gotten my bike… but I found a pretty nifty choice of bike, if my mom ever decides to win the lottery~~

I was watching Cha no Aji (The Taste of Tea), and fell in love with the bike there. With a little googling about the net, I found what I was looking for~!

Apparently the bike in the film is the Tartaruga Folding Bike v. 1.5 – Priced *only* at ¥139,650 – or just a little bit more than $1300USD (duh!) ~~ But apparently there’s a Tartaruga Folding Bike v. 1.55 ~