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I first fell in love with the Wishbone Bike, it’s so adorable and environmentally sustainable!


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Okay, not as cute as let’s say a super roundy hot pink scooter designed for Hello Kitty, but it IS cute for a brand like BMW. Plus, I would so totally get beat up if people see me riding one of these, but I would so totally want to ride it for at least one time. Check out more photos here.

I also want a green mint Vespa. LOL


August 26, 2009 — 3 Comments

I have been with the urge to ride a bike for a while now, I just don’t because Lima sucks. It’s stressful, will someone run you over? Will someone try to mug you? The black smoke coming out of the cars and public transport. The noise…

Drivers are irresponsible, and people on the street suck too. It’s just the way it is.

But one can dream. xD

I recently saw an article on a National Geographic magazine, with this photo~

Cycling in Portland Oregon - National Geographic

Saying Portland, Oregon is the best city in America to ride bikes. It has over 250Km. of biking paths. And there’s also the Bike Commuter Act passed about a year ago that lets companies give $20USD extra to their people for bike expenses. Add to that, people actually stop their cars for them…


I’ve had a dream that had to do with it. xD
I want to open a design studio (I’ve seen a place, super cool LOL) and I had imagined in my mind that we would give our clients x% off if they come to our offices riding a bike. I would go every day with my bike in my sweet office loft.

But I need better environment design. I need signals, and I need someone that will assure me that I will be save while on my bike. Can’t have that with over 400 road accidents in the year. Not until we start being civilized.

Call me crazy, but… do I seem to want to get a bike?
Any of those would be out of the question here, but would
love to get one for I dunno… San Francisco, or Vancouver~~~
Taipei? Are there any good bike cities? Stockholm?
Designed by Dominic Hargreaves, this bike really REALLY folds.

Folding Bike by

look how it folds below the break,

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More Crazy Bikes

August 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

Man, the Japanese~
I dunno if you remember the Tartaruga Folding Bike~~~
well, how’s about this?

rintendo bike

designed by Shukuno Rintendo, they come in different models depending on the way their propulsion system works. Like the above Fire Trick Bob (please, don’t ask how this one might work, lol) at $10,000 USD roughly… yes, you read right- the Jokee at $9K, or the Aqua Trick Bob at only $8K LOL