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Be like Others - Transsexuals in Iran - BBC Documentary

Over the weekend I saw this documentary by Tanaz Eshaghian that surprised me quite a lot. First of all, I had no idea about Iranian policies on sex reassignment, but this documentary is quite an intriguing look into the lives of homosexual people almost being forced into this operation, in order to regain their rights back.

Some of them go through it, and end up more content with the whole support of their family, but in many situations they face rejection, misunderstanding, and even suffer a lack of attraction from their current partners after the operation.

I decided to share this with a few of my friends, and thought to take advantage of that upload to share with some of you~~ Won’t really feel like re-uploading, but you can try persuading me in a comment. LOL~~~ In the meantime, take advantage of the upload… you just need Pando.


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Coupling (uk)Though it wasn’t overly lasting, Coupling (the UK version, not its abominable US remake… ugh much?) should be included into anyone’s list of  “I should have watched this”. This is the case for me, I don’t get BBC comedies on my cable system (only the news, and they recently began showing BBC Entertainment), so the first time I saw this was on Eurochannel a few years back. In fact, they were already showing the final season… even then, I fell in love with the show.

I think of myself as a bit of a mix between Susan, Sally and Steve. LOL’ But all characters were equally hilarious in their own way… and unlike FRIENDS, I never ended finding a character annoying. Perhaps, it’s because it only lasted 4 seasons, so I never got around to growing to hate them… okay, maybe I hated Oliver – but that’s because he is too much of Joey, and I ended up hating Joey.

Steve (Jack Davenport) is hilarious… and man! His voice!! His voice and the monologues… like the one for “Lesbian Spank Inferno” LOL’ Jeff is also hilarious with his explanations, theories, women-related situations and many words on “breasts”.

And more than Richard, I love Richard and Sally’s interactions, because well… Sally is gold. LOL’ “I finally understand why you called him ‘donkey’.” And totally missing the point. I think that my favorite episodes of the show, revolves around these two~~ with episodes like the one and the Spiderman theme, and the one where Sally ends up singing “Susan the Happy Trotting Elf” – *snorts*

Then there’s Jane who is hilariously just out there… where? You know… there~~~ with the talking snakes, or improvising the traffic report… showing up naked to a dinner, or saying she’s a vegetarian that eats meat… you know, almost like a bisexual. x’D

And Susan! I love uptight Susan, and I love it when she says “apparently”, and her French accent. LOL’ “Giselle, the French bitch” xD and her history with Australian men~~~

10 Things I Hate About You PosterToday I was re-watching BBC’s Shakespeare: The Animated Tales… particularly Macbeth and The Taming of the Shrew. Despite it’s misogynistic theme, it reminded me of the teen comedy 10 Things I Hate about You~~

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

Some time in 2003, on one of the many Writing classes I had, we got to ‘study’ the script for this film, which I had seen back when I was 13 or 14. I’m almost sure that I saw this film at the theaters… oh the times! And oh how innocent were teen comedies back then~~~

Anyway, back to the topic~ my teacher pointed out that the film was a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Shrew~ Back then I thought, WOW! That’s so cool. LOL, she also mentioned at how much the script sold, and I was most impressed. Hahahaha~~

For those not so familiar with the film, or the Shakespeare story… here are some of the references:

  • Kat (as in Katarina) and Bianca are sisters. Bianca can’t date (or marry, in the case of the Shakespearean tale), before Katarina does.
  • Patrick Verona is the contemporary version of Petruchio of Verona.
  • Padua, the city, becomes Padua High School.

You can check more references here.

It’s so hard to imagine that the film is already 10 years old!! – Turned 10 about 20 days ago on March 31st – and that this film was the American debut of Heath Ledger (RIP) who’s got a remarkable career with great films… awards *sighs(, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a broad array of films as well more on the indie flare – and whatever happened to Andrew Keegan? I’m pretty sure he used to date LeAnn Rimes, whom we all know what’s going on with her~~

Julia Stiles had a breakthrough with this role, and had a bunch of films out during those years, but eventually just settled for lesser roles. I did enjoy seeing her on The Bourne Trilogy~~ and Larisa Oleynik~~ I read she was seen on Without a Trace, but I don’t watch the show so can’t tell. I should go on the hunt for a few Oleynik flicks. Gabrielle Union is doing a big better on the more “commercial” work, as I’ve seen a few projects with her. Not really MY type of films, but she’s been active.

I wonder if someone would be interested in a “collector’s edition” of this film. Would like to see them together…

How do you feel this film is aging? I think it’s okay… I had a laugh watching it this afternoon. I was surprised how innocent it is compared to teen films now. I don’t know if I can call this the best teen romcom of the 90’s (or the last 20 years?), but perhaps… I could do a bit more research.

Multiple post night! Or day… actually, I’m supposed to be writing about Yamato… but that could wait even though I’m gonna keep this for later posting.

I just got an urge to watch French & Saunders xD Soooooo sooooo phunny.

Check the rest of clips after the break, =P

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This is an un-official “Why the 90’s Ruled or Not”.

Remember those days when Discovery Kids (Latin America) was actually for kids – you know, 10-13 year old kids – and not babies~~ I mean, COME ON! Teletubbies??? Shoot me in the face already!!

Back in the day, when I was a 10 year old kid… my family first got cable. If I recall correctly, Discovery Kids Latin America used to be in channel 65 or 85 or something, and it had awesome programming for intellectual kids like me~~ Truth be told, most my younger cousins didn’t watch Discovery Kids ever, but I did… and I’m an avid TV watcher since I was a kid. That’s my market~

What did I used to watch on Discovery Kids? Well, I had my first introduction to the Internet thanks to them! Cyberkids was one of the programs I used to watch, and probably shaped me in the way that I am today… you know? Blogger, Web Designer, Web Surfer~~~

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