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Late post! Internet issues! But it gave me the time to watch this awesome kick-ass animated film that apparently was released early in the year, but I have heard nothing about it. So Amy do, as Amy does.

I am pushing for a nomination, ha! Here’s a brief write-up:

I just saw the best animated film I’ve seen all year. A stop-motion funny, yet compelling serious drama about the unlikely friendship between one cute, albeit kinda weird, 8-year-old girl in Australia and some 40-something-year-old Jewish/Atheist man living in New York.

You should all try to check it out, even if it’s online because if it weren’t for the internet, I wouldn’t have EVER heard about it.

Now I’m pushing for a nomination… AT LEAST a nomination. We all know Pixar’s UP is a lock on it, and will probably win (boooooring), so I’m pushing for Mary and Max this season.

If it gets a nod (very unlikely, since there’s no marketing or buzz), I will die of happiness~~~ xD

Check out my FyC graphics here and here.

Was this announced before? Because I remember talking about Yu with Vogue for some November issue.


From left to right – Ai Tominaga, Yu Aoi, Yukie Nakama, Shinobu Otake, Yayoi Kusama, Rie Miyazawa, Aya Ueto, Yukiko Motoya, and Ai Sugiyama

I’m not sure if it’s a women of the year, or the decade though xD
but I’m so happy for Yu (though not sure, since she didn’t have many projects out this year), and Happy Yu is so cute because you can’t help but smile when you see that smile.

vogue-women-yu-aoi-4 vogue-women-yu-aoi vogue-women-yu-aoi-2 vogue-women-yu-aoi-3

Check out the MyCom Journal Gallery [jp], Oh No They Didn’t,
and a full Yu gallery over at Walkerplus!

And we continue to go through the years and film~

Some interesting observations on this one? There were a lot of GOOD male performances. I guess it’s by years, but I thought it was so tough to choose my Best Actors this time.

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As always, I think I’m a little off with the guys. O.o
I feel the list is a bit uninspiring, LOL

check it out yourself~~~

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I don’t know any of the winners, except for Coldplay’s Strawberry String which won Video of the Year… which is kinda bumming because video doesn’t seem to be released yet, so WTF. I did like some of the videos though… or sometimes just the songs, but I was expecting something else, I think.

Moray McLaren – We Got Time

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