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December 22, 2008 — Leave a comment

I feel I haven’t written anything in ages… so  this is new. ^^ Just wrote it a couple of hours ago.

How I’m looking at the picture,
remembering the laughing and the tears,
all the moments throughout those years.
Sharing our fears,
waking up at 4 am. some days,
walking ’bout in a crazy haze

How would I’ve known
that I’d be so much in love
with someone I met so many years ago.
Where did you go?
I haven’t seen you, or heard you call-
We’re ten thousand miles apart or so.

How am I supposed to reach you?

If Only

December 10, 2008 — 1 Comment

Just taking apart my notebook. LOL’

If Only

I never thought that coming back
would take a piece of heart apart
and as time passed, each piece of heart
just started fading away.

I understood saying goodbyes
was always a part of this life,
but it’s never stopped this mind
thinking about the time, if only…

If only I hadn’t left,
if only I’d pass this test,
we’d still have the time.
One more summer, one last fall…
winter passes, springtime falls
One more cycle, life and death.
If only.

Taking the Leap

December 10, 2008 — 2 Comments

So I asked my friend Jose (no, forget the joSE… say like JOse… lol) and he said okay, so I am sharing.

One day, I was doing whatever I do at 3AM, and came up with a song that I titled Taking the Leap. No, I am not suicidal… Anyway, I liked how it turned out in my mind, but I’m musically talent-less, so I sent it to Jose, and he work with his music sutff that he does.

We are not PRO, obviously… we don’t have fancy software… just some freeware called Audacity, and some crappy web-mics recording in mono. Care to listen to it? MP3 listening, lyrics and download after the break.

Taking the Leap Demo

  1. Taking the Leap
  2. Taking the Leap [instrumental]
  3. Untitled [bonus]

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my handwriting sucks

November 12, 2008 — 4 Comments

I have never liked my handwriting, in the history of my handwriting… NEVER EVER liked it. I don’t usually write much anymore… other than the usual post-it (and post-it writing is always crappier than usual) or some notes. I seriously can’t tell when I last wrote something on paper… maybe Julyssa’s letter last last week? But then, she can probably tell you how crappy it is… and my Kanji… no comments. xD

So tonight, I decided to use the glass calligraphy pen (aka. my glass pluma) that Diana gave to me from her trip. ^^ – Gosh, you wouldn’t believe how hard I tried. xD

Practicing Crappy Calligraphy

In case you can’t understand my handwriting – “Hi, Diana! I wrote this with the pen you gave me. My hand-writing sucks BIG time. Sorry~ Amy Wong”

6-Month Mark…

October 22, 2008 — 7 Comments

So… I have noticed, I don’t know if you have, but I seem to have a 6-month mark. It’s basically me finding something, obsessing over it for 6 months, and then sort of… there? It’s still there, but not getting mad over it anymore.

At least it’s been like that since Harry Potter… I am almost pretty sure. I pretty much disliked the last two books, for OBVIOUS reasons, some smart people might notice… and friends will pretty much know. So it all sort of crushed something inside of me…

Main thing is, I don’t read as much as I was reading in my 2003-2006 period, but that’s another topic.

Since then, I’ve been jumping fandoms… now, is it because some fandoms are not good? Or is it something about me? Can’t I hold my interest longer than six months??

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