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I am now part of LAMB (The Large Association of Movie Blogs).


We know all Amy Wongs around the world must compete against Amy Wong for attention, so while doing my random google search for tracking my stuff online, I ended up cyber-meeting Amy Wong.

Amy is the owner of Creative Melancholic.

And if I didn’t know I have my own WordPress account, I could have sworn I could be blogging there. Why? Well, because Amy is a designer. And Amy and I blog about some very similar things. She is even blogging about Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil (who made Mancora).

And I swear, this is not me talking in the 3rd person.

uh huh!

Voting results are in! Which is exciting… and a bit surprising, I think xD

Anyway, thank you everyone who nominated their films on the first round, and thank you to everyone else who took time to vote… hopefully you all had taken time to watch all (or at least most) of the nominated films~ and discovered gems!

Among the love, there’s The Hurt Locker, Basterds, District 9, you know… the usual suspects, plus some love for Moon, Antichrist… and surprisingly enough, Watchmen. ;P

Here are the winners…

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Nominations are done!!

It’s actually kind of exciting, even if not that many people sent nominations. However, it’s actually a really great way to hear about all these many other films that people mentioned so many times, and I knew nothing about.

Of course, if more people had actually sent nominations, the experiment would’ve worked better. Maybe next time… so watch many more films this 2010, so you can participate next time around.

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at Cinencuentro again!

This time around pointing out some experiences while watching those films, which doesn’t necessarily reflect what I consider the best… keyword, necessary.

Sorry, only in Spanish.

check it out here.