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It seems like I haven’t blogged about Yu Aoi for a while. I certainly haven’t checked her website, so I’m a little out of the loop.

The title on this post may be a little misleading. I don’t know whether Yu is in India, but the cover for GINZA Magazine for the July edition seems to indicate something similar… or maybe it will just be “India style”. Who knows~

See the bottom title on the left?

Aoi Yu, something about color no INDO he.

While checking Yu’s website, I also found out that WOWOW will be showing a broadcast of Minami he~ it would be super awesome if someone took the time to record that and upload it so we could watch — even without subs. LOL

Minami he – WOWOW
July 8th, 11:30pm

Yup, that’s it.

what have you guys been up to lately?

Thoughts on Ooku?

You know I really really love Kou Shibasaki’s acting (not so much her music), and she was easily the best part in that movie. And it’s not even that scene in which the chambers opened to a sight of pretty men bowing to her, and she tells them they’re a bunch of useless and pretty men. LOL

Is not even that scene.

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Re-pimping this old list~ xD

It’s always been tough to be a working actress on the big screen, as you turn a little older, offers often seem to be linked to “being someone else’s mother,” but cable television seems to be becoming more and more attractive to not only writers – because they get to write more challenging stories and skip censors – but also to women who were movie actresses and have found new complex roles to take on.

you can read the whole thing on YAM Magazine~

I told you there were a few posts…

Anyway, did any of you watched Ryomaden last season? I did try to watch it at the beginning but wasn’t that into it, so it was really troublesome to gather the energy to find a subtitled version of it. Plus, there weren’t any small files, and I didn’t feel like download HD versions.

So I watched on TV with no subs.

Until the very last episode that Yu was on… and then till the very last of the year.

I remember that when I saw the preview of episode 44 with Yu’s character Omoto saying goodbye, I thought to myself — well, what bad number of episode to leave the show xD and it ended up being her 13th guest appearance — pretty sure about that.

Anyway, for those who didn’t watch the show — Yu played Omoto, a geisha who’s a closeted Christian (oh, the irony!). She plays the shamisen, does some traditional dancing and performing, and has some non-explored sexual tension with Ryoma. She was good in it, but I understand that Taiga dramas are a long-term commitment.

Here’s the capture of the interview with photos for those of you who won’t touch a Taiga with a stick xD

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As you probably know… or didn’t – Yu’s latest play with Satoshi Tsumabuki, Minami he, opened in Tokyo… had some dates postponed (at least) due to the Earthquake, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s done with its running.

There were interesting thoughts on it – hint: only read one review, which you can check by going through the Minami tag – and I ran into this poster for it, which is the closest some of us got to this play xD

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