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Well, he is hardly a spotting… more of a re-spotting, since I first saw him on 2001’s Heart in Atlantis with Anthony Hopkins, and later I recognized him on Along Came a Spider (with Morgan Freeman and Monica Potter). He later showed up in my radar starring in 2007’s Charlie Bartlett.

Well, look where he is now~~~

Anton Yelchin

Where you will see him now? Well, he was on the latest Star Trek (as Chekov) and is now competing against himself at the Box Office with the recent Terminator Salvation where he plays Kyle Reese. All grown up. Who would’ve thought?

He does look a bit dorkish (in a funny… you can probably say he can rock the dorkability), but this photo I thought was pretty decent. And let us all forget that he was ever involved in that god-awful You and I movie (aka. Finding t.A.T.u) with Mischa Barton.

Inserting a new type of posting! Actor/Actress Spotting!! Starting of with a beautiful – come on, it’s a great photograph – and hot photo of Tim Pocock.

Tim Pocock - Headshot

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SAG 2009 Winners

January 25, 2009 — Leave a comment

Red Carpet on E! began a while ago… and decided to begin this post. Check back here for ceremony and winners live blogging. xD

And I just had to mention… Lisa Edelstein… hot. xD

— Ceremony just begun —

blah, blah… and I’m an actor~~ xD LOL’ Will Arnett ~~ “I’m Will Arnett and I’m an alcoho- am an actor~” xD

Sorry, not much love for television from me~~

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EitaLOL, I don’t even know if that’s grammatically correct, but it will do~~

So… I got ready to watch Atsu-Hime. Why? Because! Because in about… 5hrs? Yes, I should wake up at 6am, NHK will be showing the last episode of Atsu-Hime (ep50) and I just got up to date with episode 37, and read the summary for the rest (up to ep49, which I saw last week without understanding anything).

Anyway, I also saw some interview on Friday afternoon that NHK did to Aoi Miyazaki… which I didn’t understand either~~ LOL’ at least not the majority of what they were talking about.

Atsu-Hime is cool, you know? She doesn’t piss me off like a certain previous Taiga Drama I saw before starring some singer who happens to sing the closing theme of Osen. *cough cough* Anyway~~ I know I may be girly for saying this, but I really liked the drama for the Aoi Miyazaki (Okatsu, Atsu-Hime, Midai-sama? and Tenshoin-sama) and Eita (Naogoro, Tatewaki… and does he change his name more??) Yeah, all those names…. but I always really looked forward to their scenes together, which almost always make me cry~~~ hence the title. I’ve been sad for Atsu-Hime alone… you know, like when that thing with Kikumoto happened, and the thing with Ikushima. I’m just blaming Eita because I seem to always cry with anything he’s on. LOL – Let’s see… I’ve cried in Last Friends (with that Eita and Juri scene in the park), and I’ve cried with Memories of Matsuko… though, I don’t think that was because of Eita, but the whole “all characters singing the song, and the going up the stairs” gets me everytime with the “Okaeri”

Hmm… well, I didn’t cry in Nodame, maybe cried with the laughing hard xD The fact is, he’s made me cry quite a bit on Atsu-Hime alone… you know that friends-turned-lovers thing, and then with the in-love-but-afar-and-never-to-see-you-again thing? UGH, all of that with the combination of Aoi Miyazaki and Eita’s acting. I’m telling you, it will get you. And it’s not the love thing either, because they both were on that film Sukida, which I thought was boring as boring can be~~~ It’s the whole political thing, and all the other people and fate that are keeping them apart that kills me. And if the preview from last week is any indication, I think I will be crying quite a bit this one last time. xD

Epic love. Something a certain someone who didn’t make Harmony happen couldn’t achieve. LOL’

Jinseitte Uso Mitai, or Life is like a Lie, is the first 3-episode-chapter of the Yu Aoi WOWOW drama Camouflage (previously known as Aoi Yu x 4 Lies) which aired at the beginning of the year, and it’s already on DVD. Finally saw! WEEEE – I waited… what, 6 months??? And still haven’t finished ‘coz no one is translating, and my translator bailed on me… dunno where he is.

So I re-watched the three episodes last night, though the 3rd episode only had subs in the story and not on the introductions (in which the director and writer explain a bit), and the ending (where the photographer shows and explains the photos taken), so kinda missed some of the episode.


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