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A little more blogging!

October 11, 2007 — 2 Comments

October 15th is Blog Day or something… and we are supposed to get talking about the environment that day. Oh yeah, blog day is a day when all people could blog about this one topic… I think it could be interesting, yet I really don’t know what I could talk about relating to the environment, so if you’ve got an idea, let me know.

Also, I re-started watching America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7, which has just began last week in Latin America through Sony Entertainment Television. So people, if you get Sony – tune in every Wednesday at 8pm Chile/7pm Peru Colombia and support CariDee, AJ, Megg, Megan, Michelle and Amanda! Lol’

I’m gonna show-off and say “zomg! I still can’t believe Megan left a message in my MySpace” haha – she’s awesome! Megg also sent a short message, so Rock ON!!!!!!!! ^^

Also began watching The Tudors, season 1, on People and Arts – I missed the episode on Sunday, and the repeat seemed like it was censored because it kept on going to commercials at weird intervals. It was okay, though… I was expecting more. I guess I’m gonna feel like this with The Other Boleyn Girl, which is a shame – it might be a better read, than watching it on screen.

I’ve also been meaning to watch Weeds, I’ve seen the first 2 or 3 episodes, and it was really good. I was looking for the DVD, and it was really cheap, but it turns out season 1 of Weeds is only Fullscreen, instead of Widescreen – and Lionsgate has no plans on re-releasing this as a Widescreen DVD. STUPID LIONSGATE. They just want $$, so people that don’t wanna buy the Fullscreen DVDS have to get the Widescreen Blu-ray discs – now, I haven’t even started buying neither HD or Blu so I won’t start just now.

My thoughts on Deezer

October 4, 2007 — Leave a comment

Okay, last night I had a whole idea of posting a really elaborate post on Deezer, which I have just begun to use. Mainly because I had some complaints about using their upload function… more than anything else. But now, I’m just too lazy to take all that trouble of screen capturing and showing you what bothered me, and alternatives.

My main pet peeve was that I had to open a brand new tab/window to upload and browse at the same time. Maybe I’m just kinda silly, but the first track I tried uploading failed because I went to my “new playlist” while it was uploading hahaha. Oh, silly me~ So yeah, after that, I did the whole tabbing thing, but it made the upload transfer even slower. :(

Now, the upload experience was a pain in itself. Some tracks will go through, and some would begin but never make it… all the time, it seemed like the interface froze, and had to restart again and again. Until I finally called it quits. I successfully uploaded like 6 tracks out of the 12 tracks I had chosen… in like 5 hours or so.

I don’t think their upload function works really well, because it doesn’t let me know at what speed my mp3 is uploading, and at what percentage or how many kbs its uploading. It was really frustrating at times, specially with the freezing of the uploads… Moreover, the multiple uploads didn’t really work. 2/3 of the tracks never make it past the middle of the bar, and it went back to frozen.

I read some comments on it, because I was looking my problem up online, and it seemed I wasn’t the only one with uploading problems. I think there are a lot of users who won’t be sharing their music due to this issue, and I should include myself in!

Up until now, the most satisfactory upload feature has been that of Flickr. I love it. Haha… It lets you upload multiple files, lets you review your files, and then lets you begin your transfer. It shows you a progress bar that is constantly moving, and one by one, they begin their upload. Just simple.

What’s Deezer good for? Sharing playlists, finding music and probably listening to music, though it does take a few tries to get the song play fine because sometimes it takes time buffering, and sometimes it even just plays a second or two and skips to the next. I will still probably use this for a month or two… or maybe a bit more, until it finally gets screwed up like Pandora did. Yes, I am complaining because Pandora is now country restricted. It is funny that of getting digital music country restriction, yet I can purchase stuff off of anywhere on the net.

I should also add my comment on some of the add suggestions for a next release. I read on their forum that people wanted an application for Facebook, as well as other mambo-jambo features, which I think will complicate Deezer. I like Deezer how it is, simple, easy and useful. No users, no “check this user’s taste in music”, no “compare your taste in music” crap. Deezer, KISS! Oh yeah, I know it doesn’t really work on mySpace or probably other sites, but please… can we hmm promote proper Flash embedding?

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Aha… long time no writing nothing, eh? It’s been mainly because Internet has been really really REALLY slow. Nothing really loads, and I have to reload pages at least 10 times sometimes to open them… it’s all Telefonica’s fault. There’s a rumor around that one of their DNS servers crashed, which explains why EVERYONE’S connection has been crappy. BUT HEY! They would NEVER EVER admit it’s their fault. One day before I found out, they came over to check the connection and failed to mention this, and blamed one of my computers instead.

Anyway, this weekend’s been full of films… nothing in the theaters because Peru sucks at releasing films I want to watch, so I’ve been watching DVDs and downloads. Here are the films I watched: Continue Reading…

put on some clothes, woman!

September 9, 2007 — 3 Comments

So, just about 20min ago, Britney did her ‘comeback’ performance on the 2007 VMA’s – there is just something that sums up what’s on my mind. WHAT A JOKE! First impression was; EWWWWWW.

She looked terribly wrong in that outfit, and let’s just say she needs to realize she’s not a hot momma, and that she’s a mother of two. She can’t keep wearing this crap and think it’s hot. Looking at her with that outfit was like watching a mom wearing a leotard… just plain disgusting.

Then, after having a first impression and terrible opinion of her wardrobe, let’s talk about the performance. First, I’m not so into the song… but hey! There was still a slim chance she might give a rocking performance… oh, how I wished that! Let’s see… she barely sang anything. BUT, you might say what about her dancing? I mean, 7 years ago she had pretty awesome choreographed dances~ yeah, well… that was 7 years ago.

Nothing is left of her dancing abilities. This time around, she barely moved around the stage, while wearing thin-needle-heel shoes… and when she tried to move in any way that faintly resembled past-Britney, she failed miserably with sluggish movements that looked horrible on screen. I won’t even get into saying how this combination of music, dance moves and wardrobe looked with her new mommy body.

Enough said.

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