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Cartelera en Lima: Máncora

September 2, 2009 — 3 Comments

Mancora PosterMáncora (2008)

Genre: Drama with a road trip
Starring: Jason Day, Elsa Pataky, Enrique Murciano, Anahi de Cardenas, Angela Alegria, Phellipe Haagensen, Liz Gallardo
Directed by: Ricardo de Montreuil

Mancora tells the story of Santiago, a 21-year-old Limeño who parties a lot and just doesn’t care about life at all. One early morning, his dad commits suicide, so Santiago is forced to re-evaluate his life.

First things first, I really admire de Montreuil for his visual style which is present in the music videos he’s directed [Andrea Echeverri’s Baby Blues from the La Mujer de mi Hermano OST] and his debut film. So just as the aforementioned, Mancora doesn’t disappoint visually (though I’d wish the poster were different).

Technically, Mancora is great. Cinematography, color treatment… the underwater scene is beautiful to watch. However, if we need to get into the story – there’s nothing for me to chew on. According to them, the film is marketed at 20-somethings to nearly 30-year-olds who will “relate” to the story. So that means me. Either I’m 23 going on 32, or the film is better suited for 16-year-olds with existential crisis.

The main character never truly develops, while the supporting characters never leave the page as real people, and just play the part like the grim cartoon version of what could have been~ Yes, we could have told this story in a year, we could have had more time to develop the character, but we only had 100 minutes. It doesn’t matter, this whole “you can’t develop a story in this amount of time” means nothing when there are films that have the protagonist meet a bunch of people, and the bunch of people can still leave a mark on you. Case and point, Into the Wild. – 2/5

It’s YAM Time #5!

August 15, 2009 — 8 Comments

Cheap Mambo #5 mention xD

Anyway~~ Here it is!!!
After much liver disease~~~

with Yu on the cover!
Happy early Bday, Yu~


In it, you’ll read more about Harry Potter 6 (against much of anyone’s Harmonian hearts, lol), Transformers 2, Moon (yeah, that last line kills me), and Public Enemies~ Snap! There’s also DBSK concert review, SNSD (which I always get a typo), Bibi, Seo Taiji, Clazziquai, Popular and more~~~

Head over here to download~~~

It’s here, it’s here!

Bibi Zhou - Time - Package

Pretty photos courtesy of me (so please, respect hot pink watermarks LOL),
plus a professional/sort-of-fan product review below the break~
enjoy, and link back if you’re sharing! xD

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Gigante PosterGigante (2009)
Genre: Subtle Drama with Romantic Comedy Moments
Starring: Horacio Camandule & Leonor Svarcas
Directed by: Adrian Biniez

Gigante (Giant – literal translation) tells the story of Jara, a big security guard that works night shifts at a supermarket, who begins having feelings – maybe a bit of stalkery feelings – for the pretty floor cleaner.

This is the thing about films, your characters can do anything and you can feel whatever you want~ In the real world, having someone secretly following you around would totally freak you out, but it doesn’t happen in Gigante.

Jara sees the floor cleaner through the security cameras, and as days go by he checks on her without her ever knowing. One day he decides to see where she goes when she’s not working only to find out she goes to the Internet cabins, after that he sort of makes a habit out of following her and “watching out” for her, in the process knowing about her likes. He even saves her a couple of times at work, and even defends her honor when some cab driver shouts obscenities/pick-up lines at her – It’s cute in the film, but I don’t recommend anyone trying his moves in the real world. Moreover, I don’t know~ I didn’t feel her. Especially at work, she was absent-minded, and a bit clumsy… actually she exasperated me a bit during her supermarket scenes.

The film has its good moments, even though I saw people sleeping, don’t get me wrong. However, if I wanted to feel good about stalking someone, I’d watch Faye Wong on Wong Kar-Wai’s Chungking Express stalking Tony Leung. LOL – 3/5

Huacho PosterHuacho (2009)

Genre: Drama
Starring: Manuel Hernandez, Alejandra Yañez,
Clemira Aguayo & Cornelio Villagran
Directed by: Alejandro Fernandez Almendras

Huacho tells the story of a low-income family in central Chile, following the point of view of each member – grandparents Clemira and Cornelio, daughter Alejandra, and her pre-teenager boy Manuel – for a period of 24 hours, as they deal with the overlap of modern and rural life.

The film starts off early one morning, as everyone gets ready for a new day, and have breakfast, when suddenly the lights go out. Manuel checks if the fuses blew off, but they didn’t, so Clemira asks her daughter if she remembered to pay the electricity bill – Alejandra says she did, but of course she didn’t.

The story breaks off as Clemira leaves for work selling cheese on the side of the highway, Alejandra goes to work at a touristic hacienda, Manuel goes to school, and Cornelio goes to the field he is fencing. It all paints a realistic description of a family that is trapped between a modern society where you need to pay your bills, but still find yourself getting a new dress or wanting a brand new video game, and a rural lifestyle where you struggle for the price of milk to make your own cheese to make ends meet.

The film has a lot of scenes that are devoid from any dialog, and has characters wandering around or just standing there, which either makes you wonder what they’re thinking or gets you to feel gloomy. My favorite segment was probably grandmother Clemira’s as she struggles to sell the fresh cheese she’s made, and all her seller “friends” begin leaving one by one. In the end, Clemira is at the bus stop alone waiting for Manuel to pick her up.

No big climactic big bang booms, Huacho will slowly show you a seemingly average day of a normal family trying to cope with the changing times. It actually reminded me of some slow-paced Japanese films, and those pawn! – 3.75/5