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Woah… my Japanese reading is most improved hahaha. I still suck at it, but not as badly. At least I sort of ‘get it’. Still can’t get the times though… is it 24hr time instead of PM, AM?

Yu Aoi will be in the show/segment… whatever it is talking about her favorite book. 10min!! 8am – 13hr = 6pm?

BS2 2月23日(月)8:00~8:10
BSハイビジョン 2月23日 8:45~8:55/2月28日(土)7:45~8:35


So, to catch those 10min you will have to tune in NHK on Sunday at 6pm GMT-5 – Then what’s BS HighVision? Another channel? Confused. haha.

My Favorite Book, Japan’s 100 Favorite Books is listing a 100 people (including Yu’s)’s favorite books. Yu’s choice of book is Michio Hoshino’s essay 旅をする木 – if you can write Japanese (dunno if non-Japanese entries will be accepted), you can send them your favorite book!

I dunno if I will be able to catch this… conflicts with my Oscar watch!

Wow wow wow~~

December 30, 2008 — 1 Comment

Can’t believe it’s almost like >this< to the end of the year on this side of the world… and even less time on the other side of the world. Actually, by the time I wake up again, it will be 2009 on that side of the world most likely.

Oh, the memories… how time flies by. What have I done? I feel I’ve done so very little…

One oft he few things I feel I’ve done is YAM [help yourself to some leftover YAM] – and I would like to continue with that. As a special something, this is a little of what we talked on the issue.

Let the Right One In, the Swedish film… which is probably MY favorite film of the year. Though, I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night and WHOA. Blew me away… but that’s not on YAM. LOL – What’s on YAM? There are also reviews on Blindness, Slumdog Millionaire, and Twilight. Yes, Julyssa decided to review Twilight for us… how brave of her! xD – And yes, please? Go watch Slumdog Millionaire (or Benjamin Button) at least once, instead of watching Twilight for the 20th time… just like Lainey says.

I also reviewed music… Britney’s comeback Circus, Marit Larsen, Guns N’ Roses, Taylor Swift and DBSK. There are music, film and tv news… also a review on Season 3 of Dexter. PLUS! There’s more! Book reviews!! One of them features Yu!

Yeah! For Frak’s sake~~ I’m doing what others are ‘afraid’ to do. I’m mixing West and Asian entertainment. LOL’ Not ONLY the stuff that makes it here… but also the stuff that doesn’t, but should~~ So be sure to know that I’ll be reviewing music from all sides of the world, films from everywhere… and maybe even series~~

So please do! DO READ YAM! And link a post there so more people can read YAM.

Happy New 2009. Much success to everyone!

, but need to share this. LOL’


Thank you, Nate… for poking my eyes on the voodoo dolls you’ve got stash away. Yes, we’ve done YAM. Please, help yourself to some YAM for Xmas over here

Hope you enjoy.

Would You…?

December 15, 2008 — Leave a comment

Chuck out +$150 for a PB? LOL

I just got some PB news, which I will talk in a minute. That made me wonder if Aoi Miyazaki had any PBs, so I went to YesAsia to look it up. has it also listed, and at +$115 … will Shipping get u from behind though?

Anyway, just read the Juri Ueno, who is planning to release a trip/photobook-y DVD called AO AKUA ( this coming January, will also be releasing a companion PB with the same name. PB will include photos, illustrations and messages written by Juri, who apparently also worked a bit with the designers and had her say in layout, typesetting, and a lot of work. Makes me giddy that Juri did it. LOL

Also… I found this. LOL


Also known as Izu no Odoriko, or The Izu Dancer is the first published work (1926) to achieve popularity and acclaimed by Yasunari Kawabata. The book, very much like Kyoto, is about nothing at all… in fact, this is just a compilation of stories put together.

The first one, which gives the name to the book is one of the few interesting ones, as well as Diario de mi Decimosexto Año that tells some of the moments of Kawabata’s dying grandfather. Some other stories I liked were La Princesa del Palacio Dragón, El Camino de Monedas, and Una Oración en Lengua Materna.

Despite that, the just over 200-page book seemed to be a very long and slow book, compared to the reading time it took me to finish Kyoto. If you are a fan of Yasunari Kawabata’s writing about a time and a place and the people, you might enjoy this compilation of stories. If you’re looking for an introduction to him, or an epic tale about Japan… you might want to skip this one.