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Taking the Leap

December 10, 2008 — 2 Comments

So I asked my friend Jose (no, forget the joSE… say like JOse… lol) and he said okay, so I am sharing.

One day, I was doing whatever I do at 3AM, and came up with a song that I titled Taking the Leap. No, I am not suicidal… Anyway, I liked how it turned out in my mind, but I’m musically talent-less, so I sent it to Jose, and he work with his music sutff that he does.

We are not PRO, obviously… we don’t have fancy software… just some freeware called Audacity, and some crappy web-mics recording in mono. Care to listen to it? MP3 listening, lyrics and download after the break.

Taking the Leap Demo

  1. Taking the Leap
  2. Taking the Leap [instrumental]
  3. Untitled [bonus]

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When I watched Memories of Matsuko, there was one scene when Matsuko’s life was already going to the gutters, she was lying on the garbage bags, and she was watching TV. I immediately recognized the song as an Okaasan to Issho song… today I decided to look for it, and found it!

Okaasan to Issho 1999 song, at first I thought it was a Takoyaki Mambo song, but I was lucky enough to find it on a website listing all the songs. Video and Romaji after the break!
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I noticed some of you have been looking for the soundtrack for Osen, I’ve blogged more about this soundtrack than other JDramas, so I thought it fair to get a sample for you to listen! The OST contains 22 tracks, not including the song of the intro (Odore, by Micro) or the closing song (Koi Uta, by Tackey & Tsubasa), but it IS a good Original Soundtrack with pieces by Yugo Kanno.

So I got 6 of my favorite tracks, and put them together with the opening and closing songs… for Osen’s MixTape!! xD

  1. Micro – Odore! – “Dance!”
  2. Yugo Kanno – Osen Main Theme
  3. Yugo Kanno – Tema wo Oshimazu – Effort is Valuable
  4. Yugo Kanno – Omotenashi no Kokoro – Heart’s Hospitality
  5. Yugo Kanno – Honmono wo Mirume – Discerning Eye for the Genuine
  6. Yugo Kanno – Noren wo Mamoru – Protect Reputation
  7. Yugo Kanno – Osen Main Theme (Ballad)
  8. Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta – “Love Song”

Bibi Chow – WOW

October 5, 2008 — 3 Comments

So I was looking around the web for lyrics of WOW, the 2nd part of the 2-disc album by Bibi Chow, because I was listening to it last night, and on my search for it I ended up finding my own posts wondering about Bibi’s music. How lame is that? So I’ve decided to put that finding to good use and work on the lyrics of the album~ and if people seem to be interested in it, I might work on NOW (the 1st part of the 2-disc album) and her other lyrics…

Okay, so because I don’t speak or understand Chinese, please don’t ask for a translation… it takes enough time (20min if it’s easy) to figure out the right pinyin. Also, no automated-web translation postings… if you think of posting a translation in the comments, I hope it’s a translation job done by a person, otherwise it won’t get approved.

If you are posting the lyrics, please proper credit is appreciated, as well as a link back.

And if you’ve got corrections, please point them out… some of the songs are too fast for my ear… Here’s the link to the CHINESE lyrics.

  1. WOW [added Oct. 5th 2008 – credit]
  2. Quan Nian Wu Xiu – No Rest for the Whole Year [added Oct. 8th 2008 – credit]
  3. Fan Fu – Repeat [added Oct. 8th 2008 – credit]
  4. Wei Le Ren Shi Ni – Just to Meet You [added Oct. 12th 2008 – credit]
  5. Sha Mo Ye Zhao Dao Bali – The Desert Can Also Find Paris [added Oct. 12th 2008 – credit]
  6. Sha Gua de Tian Cai – Silly Genius [added Oct. 13th 2008 – credit]
  7. Mao de Mao Xian – Cat’s Adventure [added Oct. 13th 2008 – credit]
  8. Zen Yang – How [added Oct. 13th 2008 – credit]
  9. Oh Yes!! [added Oct. 13th 2008 – credit]
  10. Han – Sweat [added Oct. 13th 2008 – credit]

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Funny lyrics!! If you like the Alphabutt, you might enjoy Onara Taisou!

Anyway, Alphabutt makes for a really odd, but funny listening~ which includes the song of the same name, Alphabutt… great funny for learning your English ABC.

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