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I loved Pixar’s UP. The first 15min. of the film is pure magic, so when I saw it on my Amazon recommended page, I was thrilled because I want to get it. But here’s the thing…

Since this post, they have announced a 2-disc DVD.

There’s only the single-disc DVD, and the 4-disc Blu-ray (which comes with the blu-ray, plus digital copy, plus DVD and who knows what else…) – To be honest, the $+30 price tag on the Blu-ray makes me not want to get it. Even worse because I haven’t made the switch to the format yet…

Then… the +$10 price tag on the single disc… which is ONE disc only, hardly any worthy extras. Compared that to the $20-something 3-disc DVD WALL-E version. And I’m not sold on UP. I’m sorry. If the price doesn’t go down below $15 for the single disc, I’m not buying it. I would’ve paid $20 for a two-disc DVD. What gives?

Miss Universe 2009

August 23, 2009 — Leave a comment

To not lose custom… Miss Universe 2009 is on. Heidi Montag just lip-synched to one of her songs, and the Top15 has just been announced. Dean Cain (Superman), whatever you know about beauty contests?Same with the “real state agent” WTF – But woohoo! Valeria Mazza? xD But seriously… demotion on performers, judges and brand. tsk tsk.

Unlike the “rumors” online saying that Latinas and Asian women were favorite, over 10 of the 15 were white or from Europe. I’m favoring South Africa on the go, though I’m realistic and think her political/etc/etc chances are slim… but South Africa is the place for the World Cup, so who knows~

Miss USA always (at least it seems like that) makes it to Top5 even if they fall ass on floor while Night Gown Walking…

Will update when they announce the Top10, and/or something funny happens like Miss USA falling again this year [like in 2007][and 2008] because three times a charm.

Hmm… I’m not sure if the Top10 has been announced, but Kelly Rowland’s song is so boring. What happened to her? I would’ve chosen her over Beyonce any day back in the day, but geez~ second rate much? Anyway, just heard they’re about to announce Top5 LOL, as well as Miss Congeniality (awww Sandra Bullock xD) and Miss Photogenic.

Miss Congeniality~
Miss China (okay…)

Miss Photogenic
Miss Thailand (should’ve been Top15)

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Is it too cold?

August 22, 2009 — 1 Comment

I’ve got the following problem.

More specifically, I have issues when I start my system… or a cold boot. The video card does not activate (my uncle pointed out the card is cold) so my screen goes automatically to “power save mode” but everything else loads fine. Keyboard, mouse, drivers, disks and you even hear the Windows system start sound. It’s like that until I reset the system a few times, until it finally works.

Funny thing this started just when the temperature started to change to winter.

I had been keeping my computer on to avoid wasting time starting the system, but yesterday someone unplugged all my electronics accidentally and I couldn’t get it all running. I tested 2 other screens, with different cables but nothing, so my uncle said it might be the video card.

then I read this…

I had exactly the same problem.
I bought my computer in the summer and it booted up every morning with no trouble…until the nights began to get colder, and overnight the computer room is not heated,..and then it would not boot up unless I switched it off and on repeatedly.
This got worse and worse as the nights got colder.
I changed the motherboard and PSU and neither change made any difference, if fact the error beeps indicated a video fault.
The manufacurer was willing to take it back but I had a feeling something odd was going on and I doubted if they were any wiser than I was at that time.
The problem was solved by switching on a small fan heater aimed at the PC for a few minutes before I start it in the morning.
The video card, Nvidia 6800GT,seems to be very low temperature sensitve and just refuses to “exist” below a certain fan running, no output to monitor,no giving it a little warm up is all that is needed.

So I was like WTH, I use Nvidia… lets give it a go. Started the system, grabbed a towel and kept it close to warm everything up faster. And then it worked! Why do they make a product that can’t stand temperatures below 15C? I mean really, you can’t depend on people keeping their heat up inside their houses… and considering it’s not common to use heat in Peru… what to do? Hopefully, it will be spring soon and I won’t have the problem… in the meantime, I should look for another video card just in case, and back my shit up. I need an external hard drive. T-T

an Asian-centric place?

I seem to complain a lot about the West lately. I dunno if you’ve noticed. I’ve noticed, and my parents have noticed. The four featured articles are Asian topics (kind of, since YAM005 has Yu LOL), I listen to a lot of music from Asia, watch a lot of films from Asia (though I’m also watching Mad Men Season 1 at the moment – actually on Ep08) – Everything seems Asia.

What the heck.

Have I opened my eyes to something I had never known before? Oh how I wish I had been so Asian when my grandfather was alive, maybe he would’ve been proud. I’m sure he’d be thrilled I’m all over Chinese music (I still got six albums to listen to xD), and maybe I’d be speaking Chinese by now instead of just fraking around.

So when did this happen? Why did this happen?

Is it because American music sucks? Is it because American celebrities suck? Is it because British music sounds the same? Is it because everyone on this side of the world looks and sounds the same? Or am I just tired of hearing how evil China is because that’s what they keep telling me on the papers and online news. Perhaps all the negative propaganda makes me like Asia even more.

Or is it the Anti-American “ideas” of everything American sucks? Because that’s what people think, right? But I don’t think so, I don’t have a problem with the American people… maybe their music industry, and their movie industry… and their media… or how the media portrays anything. No, scratch all of that. I have a problem with people in general. People suck, and I’ve become very anti-social. I don’t like western media, because that’s what I get to read since it’s all I can understand. I would probably hate other reporters and writers in Asian language if I could properly read what they write. But as it stands, I hate the media I get to hear and read about. The so-called defenders of the truth and objective point of views. I have given up on objectivity on television, but they keep shoving it in my face.

So yeah, it seems this blog (and YAM for that matter) is turning more and more towards an Asia focus because I’m getting more and more fed up with the West. For anyone else out there who find themselves only focus on Asian (or only Japanese, only Korean, only Chinese) Entertainment, why did it happen? How? When?

Tokyo Film Festival 2009The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF, not to be confused with Toronto LOL) has just announced that Mexican director Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu (Amores Perros, Babel) will be presiding the 22nd edition of the festival to be held from  October 17 to October 25th this year.

Also… like I’ve mentioned before, the Tokyo Film Fest, alongside the Shanghai Film Fest are quickly turning into the most important in the region.

Anyway, as all things West media… when you search for the news, you get the articles talking about how dolphin documentary The Cove wasn’t allowed to open the festival. With titles such as “Will Tokyo Film Fest man up and show The Cove?” or “Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Tokyo Film Festival.”

That is why I was so disappointed that our film, after winning awards in the last 13 film festivals it had entered, was rejected by the Tokyo Film Festival, whose theme this year is green. Not that it is that much of a shocker, but the main goal for making the film was to shut down the cove in Taijii, Japan, where 2,300 dolphins are killed every year.

Remember that time when Hayden Panettiere got in trouble in Japan for eh… I dunno, swimming with the dolphins?

But you know, dolphins are cute this is why it deserves a documentary (and it will probably win an Oscar for it if the cuteness continues). Penguins are cute too, I admit it (and they also won an Oscar, LOL). But cows aren’t. This is why cows don’t get a documentary, and we all get to eat meat regardless of how they are slaughtered.

I’m usually not a big fan of this one-side documentaries, because I’m pretty sure they won’t show how Taiji sees this as a way to sustain its town. And it will be all about saving the dolphins… and the people saving them. – I’m looking at you Panettiere. xD – I wonder if they give an alternative to sustain the town’s economy, as well as ranting about how people kill dolphins. You know, it’s fine to show the problem, but it’s not much use without a solution. So we stop hunting them, then what? How would they survive? Please, they’d better not suggest “Dolphin Watching” or I’ll shoot myself. As far as I’m concerned, we shouldn’t be allowed on “x-animal watching” ever and allow the disturbance in their habitat.

Anyway, this has turned into a rant instead of reporting. LOL

I love eating. I love meat, I can’t live without it. A meal without meat feels not done.

One of the reasons I can’t be a Buddhist – I tried a Buddhist meal once in Hong Kong. So good, but gone so fast. Had to eat again 2hrs. later. Perhaps, I can suggest watching Departures? Things sometimes need to die for you to survive.

Here’s The Cove website.

Here’s a bit more on the Film Festival timeline~~~

Also, when I was 17-ish… I used to sort of look up to PETA, now I just think they’re pretty annoying. Perhaps they should try to change the way they preach. It seems like they just lost something along the way. Like their sanity.

Crap! Now I’m really in the mood for some Sirloin. T-T