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VMA’s 09 Afterthoughts

September 13, 2009 — 5 Comments

Actually, VMA’s are still going… 45min left, but I’m kinda bored.

First, it’s though to follow up anger Janet Jackson. Ever since MJ’s passed, I’ve been listening to the HiStory album like crazy – Most Played album on my iPod xD and I’ve been hallucinating about Janet performing Scream, because Scream is an “I am pissed” song and I love it for it. I love it when they go “stop fucking with me/makes me want to scream” – I love it. MJ says it with such conviction. Everyone loves Thriller, Billie Jean and Bad, but it’s all about Scream and They Don’t Care About Us for me.

If my mom hadn’t been watching with me *legasp!* I would’ve cried after she finished her performance.

So I loved the MJ tribute from Janet. I imagined her breaking the glass. I had dreams (hahaha) about that song of her (plus someone else to do the duet) trapped in a glass and breaking free. So I kinda got my wish xD

And then, that was a hard act to follow. I cheered for Taylor Swift xD with her skinny legs and all~~~ and Kanye is a dick (and so is Beyonce, kinda xD). Green Day requesting for more music videos played on MTV, followed by a commercial of FAN VAN with Green Day… the reality of fans competing for something. Right…

I wanted to like Taylor Swift’s performance, but I thought it was too sweet for a Subway performance xD – but she looked like a dork, and I support dork. I like her a lot. And Kanye still a dick.

Performances are kinda weak. Good attempt with Lady Gaga, but more than a great performance it was trying to be different. I looked when she began bleeding, very theatrical but it did nothing for me. Beyonce does nothing for me… and I’m still waiting for Pink.

Muse performance > Green Day.

why is this still on? Lainey said it’s over. MTV Latin America is delayed for at least 30min! WTF~~~
En Vivo my ass that rocks.

Geez, is Pink a circus performer now? That is crazy, how can she sing upside down?? And I absolutely worship Pink’s hair. I wish I had straight hair, the crazy things I would do with my hair xD

Anyway, I think it’s up from last year’s mess.
More music videos, less reality.
More musical numbers, less commercials.
Better music videos, less has-beens as hosts.

Yu Aoi’s Gakuya on NHK

September 11, 2009 — 1 Comment

Crap! And it’s not on NHK World Premium…

If you haven’t missed my past Yu posts, you’ll know that she worked on a play called Gakuya this past May and June. Well, Yu’s site was updated saying that Gakuya will be broadcast on NHK next month.

October 9th, 2009 at 10.30pm

get more Japanese info here.

There’s also some text saying that there will be some more info on Yu’s new 2010 Calendar, which looks kinda Hansel-y and Gretel-y… ja? Do you wanna know my opinion? Yu’s Message page has only been updated twice this year. Once with that cryptic message from Venezuela [part1][part2], and the other announcing Portugirl. Before those posts? There was a 2009 Calendar post. Am I complaining? Yes, I am. LOL

But damn, I can’t ever stay too mad.

They’ve also posted photos off-shoots from the So-En shoot.

Yu Aoi - So-En - Off-shoot

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I’m jealous. Damn it!

Modern Sky Festival - Sing for China - Columbia University

More information about it here.
Chinese Indie bands Hedgehog, Queen Sea Big Shark (hahaha, name is funny), and Casino Demon will be performing. Not fair! How come No ONE comes here. Whatever~~~

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August 26, 2009 — 3 Comments

I have been with the urge to ride a bike for a while now, I just don’t because Lima sucks. It’s stressful, will someone run you over? Will someone try to mug you? The black smoke coming out of the cars and public transport. The noise…

Drivers are irresponsible, and people on the street suck too. It’s just the way it is.

But one can dream. xD

I recently saw an article on a National Geographic magazine, with this photo~

Cycling in Portland Oregon - National Geographic

Saying Portland, Oregon is the best city in America to ride bikes. It has over 250Km. of biking paths. And there’s also the Bike Commuter Act passed about a year ago that lets companies give $20USD extra to their people for bike expenses. Add to that, people actually stop their cars for them…


I’ve had a dream that had to do with it. xD
I want to open a design studio (I’ve seen a place, super cool LOL) and I had imagined in my mind that we would give our clients x% off if they come to our offices riding a bike. I would go every day with my bike in my sweet office loft.

But I need better environment design. I need signals, and I need someone that will assure me that I will be save while on my bike. Can’t have that with over 400 road accidents in the year. Not until we start being civilized.

I used to be a really good moviegoer when I was 17… 18 and 19~ Perhaps catch 1 or 2 films a week… if there was something indie, maybe 3 or 4 films at the cinema! That’s a lot of money. I don’t go to the movies too often, and I wonder why.

1. Peru doesn’t cater to my taste in movies when I want to… where I want to. I would watch Inglorious Basterds, but it hasn’t open here yet. So considering… I would watch it only if it’s really good. Hopefully it will make it before it comes out on DVD in America xD

2. It takes ages for some films to be released, so by the time they’re released I already bought them on DVD, have already watched them as downloads or have already lost interest.

3. They never make it here. Hooray for cable! LOL But sometimes they don’t even make it there.

4. Little to no independent films. It’s always the big studios… Can I re-suggest IndieScreenings? You can read some of my thoughts about it in this YAM issue.

5. 98% of American films in the market. 0.01% of Asia. 1%Europe… 0.03% Canadian~~~ What gives? xD The rest can be whatever… co-productions, etc.

6. I know it’s about the money-making, but how about opening a specialized cinema that shows new independent/foreign releases?

7. Not cinema means I get to watch films when I have the time, not when they want me. I can watch any film at 2am even if theaters are closed. No need to queue or complain about the noisy couple behind you.

Anyway… how do they choose the films to be distributed? And who chooses??? Maybe I should work for a distributor company or something. Maybe we should work with Indie Screenings for a test.