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Heads up!

September 22, 2009 — 4 Comments

The post I wrote for Cinencuentro was published today, talking about the recent Peruvian film posters, it’s in Spanish but I’m thinking of translating… after all, I think I’m snarkier in English.

Give it a go, would you?

Google Translate.

Glee just got a Full-Season order from Fox!!
All of this in the month when Popular is turning 10 years since it first aired.
Just next week, in fact! What a 10 year anniversary~~~
I’ve seen Popular fans on the Glee boards xD so happy~~~

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Sorry I didn’t Live blog the Emmys, but come on. It wasn’t that interesting, was it? Coolest moment? xD Dr. Horrible taking over the broadcast – hint, irony? – Whatever you say about streaming, still… downloading episodes/on demand beats watching things on tv. And as for resolution? There are big enough files that you can watch. Great HD quality. xD

As for winners?

I haven’t been able to read about all the winners, but some highlights!

Toni Collette FTW!!!! United States of Tara also won Best Main Title! Who else won?!? Kristin Chenoweth for Pushing Daisies!!! FTW II!!!! xD

The Beijing Olympics Opening also won (though I dunno if it won more than one) But it did win for Director for Variety, Music or Comedy Special – BUT! WTF!! Award given to Bucky Gunts? I think not. If the award should be given to someone it should be Zhang Yimou (or the Republic of China) because from what I’ve heard about the NBC Olympic Broadcast… it was… NOT pretty.

The Olympics was a gorgeous event, but the NBC broadcast was a chop-fest.

Grey Gardens also won Best Actress (Jessica Lange) in a Made-for-TV-Movie (and Best Supporting Actor), and Best Made-for-TV-Movie. Mad Men won Best Drama (again), 30 Rock won a bunch of awards – HBO won a bunch too. You can read all about… I mean, those “main” categories here and here.

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*bolding mine. HAHAHAHA. Gosh! Who looks for that? Fantasizing with Futurama much? Hentai, I get… but come on. I wonder if there’s people looknig for American Dad, Family Guy and The Simpsons’ porno. Seriously, guys… stop these weird searches. Spend a few bucks, watch some regular porno. xD

Other than that… yay! for Yu Aoi searches!! xD
Also… I’m sorry Yu that you have to share your searches with porno and sex searches.

Product Spam!!!

September 16, 2009 — 2 Comments

OMG, Amazon just spammed my “recommendation” pages with over 70 albums, +30 mp3s, +150 dvds!!! WTF!!

PS: This feel like a tweet. O.o