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It’s Julia Stiles!
presenting her eco-design clothing line.
Okay, not. But she does present the fab “10 Shirts I Love about You”
And the “Save the Last Shants” …

Ever been wearing a shirt and thought “I sure wish I could also wear these as pants.”

I’m also preparing for 2009, though to be honest~~~ I’ve noticed that I don’t have many 2009 albums – so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve chosen Top15 Songs of 2008 excluding Soundtracks, except for my #1 for sentimental reasons.

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Oh no, I didn’t~~~

Oh yes, I did. LOL

The newest animated McDull film… McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten (or McDull Wudang) seems to have made a bit of money since it’s release in mainland China and Hong Kong.

McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten

In this new adventure, McDull visits mainland China for the very first time, and learns taichi. ^^ – it may all sound so simple, after all… McDull is a simple piggy. But don’t be mistaken, he’s a piggy with a big heart. For some of my thoughts on McDull, read my comments on the Alumni film which has loads of silly but with a heart~

And don’t worry… McDull himself is a Harry Potter fan. LOL – And his mom wanted to write a book too! After all, if JK could do it as a single mom, then McDull’s mom can certainly do it!!! xD

You fuck around a lot. Don’t lie.
Checking your e-mail instead of working,
playing online games…
I even know people who watched DVDs instead of working on their finals…
or watched the stream of their favorite Korean variety show/novela~~~

These are my top5 time wasters… lately.

Lainey Gossip

1. Of course it is. Lainey and her wit. Her mom stories crack me up~~~ In the end, I spend far too much time reading this. Oh, Lainey! I had a dream about your blog last night – LOL, I was reading your blog and I saw a post where you said that we should watch (500) Days of Summer together if I was in town. Buahaha, I remember that because I woke up and cursed out loud.

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Geek alert!

Stop-motion, printers and music~
though, I dunno if it’s a video, a commercial, or something else xD

Loads of fun!