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We’re Smart, We’re Witty~

November 22, 2008 — 3 Comments

… , and we’ve got asses that rock! – as Mary Cherry would say.

What else rocks? This new theme… me likey, so it’s staying. Staying just in time for the painting of the apartment, so house’s a mess. Really… REALLY a mess~

Bedroom Mess xD

Okay... not much difference to the regular thing, ha! But it is a mess...

Same thing goes for the living room… I think you can tell more with that one. xP

Living Room Mess

All the little things have been not-neatly stuffed on the tables and sofas...

I am just about to watch episode 8, but I just had to mention Aoi Miyazaki on episode 1. You all must see her on this scene at school (for boys), pretending to be a boy… and I mean, can you believe? Aoi Miyazaki and Eita playing kiddos? Bizarre concept idea… and it doesn’t always work, but there ARE cases. You’d know that if you ever saw El Chavo del 8.

Atsu-Hime - Aoi Miyazaki

Aoi Miyazaki as Okatsu (later known as Atsu-Hime) getting Naogoro (Eita) out of a lecture by her father.

Grownups playing little kids, you can see the are grownups, but their acting totally works. This is the case…

What to Watch…

November 1, 2008 — 1 Comment

If you’ve got Cable Magico, that is… though I am pretty sure I’m double-checking times, don’t hold a grudge if I get a wrong date… blame the cable magazine~~

Some of them I’ve seen actually… but it is to be note off~~~ INTERN ACADEMY. xD Not sure how that film will be, but it has none other than Carly Pope in the cast, so worth checking out for me. LOL’

November… again?

November 1, 2008 — Leave a comment

Wow, time flies! Really does… anyway, this month I was checking out some films on cable, and was interested in watching a few so I made a list. Yes, because I’m a geek… and there’s plenty of films, so I didn’t wanna miss one by overlapping them. Anyway, Little Fish was supposed to be on HBO tonight at 12.25am, and as you can see it’s 1am and it’s not on, so I went to the HBO Latin America site to check that out. Surprise!

Cable Magico - Horario Equivocado

As you can see… the HBO site (Peru schedule) has The Others listed as ‘now playing’ while there’s still 1.30hr for Little Fish, meaning it will be playing at 2.35am or so instead of 12.25am like the Cable Magico site and magazine say~~ which begs the question~ will the other films also be at other times?

Took some Photos…

October 21, 2008 — Leave a comment

, but lost my front lens cap… xD

Seriously… can’t find it anywhere.

I went to the event celebrating the 25 years of relations between Lima and Beijing (you can see some photos here) – and by the end of the show, I thought I lost my lens cap, but it was deep in my camera bag. I grabbed it and PUT THE CAP ON. Next thing I know, I was at home… about to upload my photos, when SURPRISE! My camera had no lens cap!

I thought maybe it fell inside the camera bag like before, but no luck~ I also checked my pockets, but nothing… T-T oh, the sadness…


Is it common to lose lens caps? LOL’ Since I found they sell lens caps for separate, I’m thinking yes… but I only could find it in the Sigma Online Store. You know where I can find a Front Lens Cap for a 55-200mm Sigma Lens?