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So coming month… what to watch?? Forgive if times are funky, blame the cable mag for that…

Yu Aoi will be on cable this month!!! With a showing of Hana & Alice, as well as Hula Girls!!!

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Also known as Izu no Odoriko, or The Izu Dancer is the first published work (1926) to achieve popularity and acclaimed by Yasunari Kawabata. The book, very much like Kyoto, is about nothing at all… in fact, this is just a compilation of stories put together.

The first one, which gives the name to the book is one of the few interesting ones, as well as Diario de mi Decimosexto Año that tells some of the moments of Kawabata’s dying grandfather. Some other stories I liked were La Princesa del Palacio Dragón, El Camino de Monedas, and Una Oración en Lengua Materna.

Despite that, the just over 200-page book seemed to be a very long and slow book, compared to the reading time it took me to finish Kyoto. If you are a fan of Yasunari Kawabata’s writing about a time and a place and the people, you might enjoy this compilation of stories. If you’re looking for an introduction to him, or an epic tale about Japan… you might want to skip this one.

Toda Mafalda by Quino

November 23, 2008 — Leave a comment

Toda Mafalda by QuinoWell, just finished reading Toda Mafalda by Quino, which my mom owned but we never bother to finish reading. I only ever read Mafalda on the single strips that are featured on the newspaper, so it was a fun delight to read it all in one go! ^^

Some of the strips are far more fun than others, but nonetheless I enjoyed reading the whole thing as a sequence. I love that while going from vignette to vignette, I could picture friends and members of my family being a little Mafalda inside, as well as a little Manolito, a Susanita, little Felipe… we all have a little Mafalda character inside xD

Though… a big THOUGH – I found the paragraphed text on the history of Mafalda, and other extra info VERY hard to read because of layout, and size of font and amount of info displayed in one page… that’s perhaps the biggest NO in the book. However, doesn’t make it unreadable… if you enjoy Mafalda on your newspaper, you’ll probably enjoy it here as well.

Takes so Long!

November 22, 2008 — 1 Comment

So I lose my interest… what am I talking about? Movies…

For example, Mon Meilleur Ami – came out on 2006, and it’s actually playing on Cinemax Latin America, but it opened in theaters in Lima this month (Nov. 6 2008) – why bring it if it’s already on cable~~
*rolls eyes*

Next up, The Other Boleyn Girl which just opened this week, and if I’m not mistaken it’s already on DVD. There is also Juno (which I already OWN on DVD) – which is coming out next week (nov. 27).  And so on~

I haven’t been to the movies since Batman came out… There hasn’t been a ‘world premiere’ since Batman came out… unless you count the new James Bond movie, which came out just a few days later, but still… LATER is the keyword. How about all those films that have already come out months ago~~~ Like Tropic Thunder, Forgetting Sarah Marshall… which I never intended to watch, but still had to wait two or three or even half a year to hear about them here. When they finally get here, I have already lost interest or have seen it online somewhere else~ or I have it already on DVD.

When DVD players are already region-free, why make people wait longer than it takes to put the DVD on the market.

Message in a Post-it!

November 22, 2008 — 2 Comments

Look what I found. ^^

Messages in Post-its

I love post-its~ I ran out of them two weeks ago, and bought another brand coz they didn’t have 3M ones, but they don’t stick. So post-its MUST BE 3M. When I was at school I used to leave post-its in my friends’ computers, and they left them on mine too. ^^

Amy wants a post-it project now! Would you write/send/leave a post-it message for her? xD