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Have you been watching any lately???

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So… first of all, this was going to be just a Jean Paul Strauss post, but then… you know. I needed a bit of space to clear things up. I know I don’t particularly talk much about Peru in here (especially with my current obsession with Japanese and Asian) – Anyway, I heard this a couple of months ago… just half a tiny clip on television, so I couldn’t do much back then. Luckily, I decided to try my luck again, and surprise!

Vibra Peru is the album by Peruvian Jean Paul Strauss fusing Peruvian rhythms,folk music and the whole shebang, the result I thought was pretty fun (one of those reasons I also enjoyed some of Gianmarco’s productions). But let me just show you instead of writing about it~~~

Now, I’m pretty sure that’s track12 – Huaynos: (Matarina y Mambo de Machaguay). Why? Well, because I’ve heard Mambo de Machaguay before… I knew it when I was a kid because of a sing-along Libro Coquito book that had the music in one of the tracks (La Grua, if you were interested in it… I must have the goddamn tape somewhere). Then, I went all music discoverer, I recognized the tune on the Indian Carnival song by Yma Sumac (track 7) – I couldn’t really remember what the ‘tune’ is called… if Carnaval Arequipeno, or Cajamarquino… but it was a folk tune.

So I ended up on Wikipedia Spanish, and found that it’s called “Mambo de Machaguay” – what it’s missing? Well, it mentions the version by Los Jaivas from ’76, but fails to mention the 1954 use by Yma Sumac, so I just wanted that out of the way since I’m not a Wikipedia editor/user/contributor…

Here’s the version by Inca Son.

I was unsure on what to talk about before going to bed (I’m trying to post once a day, have you noticed? hahaha) – And I was between discussing this topic, and the news of Peru deciding to use the Japanese system of Digital TV [Eng Google Translate] (does that mean I could… somehow get WOWOW??), instead of the European one~~~

Anyway!!! I decided to rant~

[Original Spanish Article] Sorry, any English media DON’T CARE so you’ll have to do with a Google Translate.

I think it’s amazing that an illiterate person who is over 25 years old and Peruvian is legible to work in congress. Baffles me! And I’m sure it baffles many others…

I am in no way calling the congresswoman illiterate, because she reads and writes. Not AT the level that someone who supposedly legislates and works on writing and reviewing law should be, but writes nonetheless.

As congresswoman Martha Hildebrant (a linguist, who could probably insult me and I wouldn’t understand) – Actually, I think I would feel honored to be insulted by her… kinda like Lainey dreaming of Gwyneth being a bitch towards her hahaha – Anyway, as Hildebrant points out~~ people (regular, other congressmen and the media) have completely distorted the article written by the newspaper. They did not mock Supa’s quechua ancestry (that’d be more like mocking us Chinese descendants saying things like “lico alo” when we speak perfectly well. thankyouverymuch. Assholes!) But they did point out that Supa’s Spanish is of the level of someone in primary school, hence the reference to the Coquito books (popular ABC books for children).

And as Hildrebrant also points out in the pseudo-video (because it’s just an audio) is that all congressmen, as public figures, are exposed to being criticized in the labor they do.

As one user states in a comment,

I am a Peruvian from Puno, Quechua-speaker and southern, and I don’t feel remotely humiliated [referencing how the congresswoman feels], au contraire I feel pity for our representative being almost illiterate.

I say this because she’s a congresswoman representing the state, and should be in the position of being criticized or interviewed, but when you’re illiterate – you can’t even do that. She’s fragile and helpless, she doesn’t waste time to play victim and that’s the nature of ignorance. There isn’t the capacity to reflect, they think that everyone is against them or discriminating against them.

All talk on corruption, being honest, pure and holy – that’s simply poppycock.

Why don’t we put virgins in congress already! Geez~~~

Now, if you really wanna support literacy through all economic-social barriers, check out some about The Big Read project… maybe someday Peruvian’s will have a non-illiterate-congress.

The Big Read - 2009

Nelson Mandela, Queen Rania, Paulo Coelho, Luis Jaime Cisneros V. have come together with others around the world like Natalie Portman, and Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass) on this global project for education.

You can head over here to read some of the stories (in English, Francais, y Español~~ some even in Arabic… but why not in Chinese, Japanese and Korean? I could do some Japanese easy to read stuff~~), and add your name to the list~

Record Store Day…

April 18, 2009 — Leave a comment

was today~~~

Damn. I must admit I haven’t stepped on a record store since… since… maybe perhaps 2006? I do most my shopping online now, mainly because Peru overprices too much, and takes to long to get stuff. For example, I wanted to buy the Surrounded Bjork collection, and the store here decided to split the collection per album and wanted around $30USD per album because they were all dual discs – so considering it had 7 discs at $30 each… they wanted me to pay $210 bucks instead of the $130 price tag it has on Amazon. And it’s not only the music… I have the same issue with books and dvds.

Also… there weren’t any events in Peru anyway. There were, however, events in Canada, Sweden, Japan, and even Hong Kong. And I am still looking for the Asian-version of Pitchfork… any suggestions??