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If we’re talking Fusion food (which I usually love), you can’t get more
than a Japanese-named Peruvian/Japanese restaurant place in Barcelona,
Right? xD that’s a lot of places into one.

photo via Flickr.

I dunno what it’s like, but the typographic use is pretty cool no?
More photos and talk via EazyFood (French)

Posters by Felipe Cortazar

September 27, 2009 — 3 Comments

Yo! It’s pimping time!
From my comments over at Cinencuentro,
I was forwarded to this blog: DISEÑO PERU
obviously, it’s in Spanish, but it’s got great posts.

From there, a cool post on posters designed by Felipe Cortazar, who’s known for his work as a poster designer for theater releases such as the ones I’m about to show you ;P

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Heads up!

September 22, 2009 — 4 Comments

The post I wrote for Cinencuentro was published today, talking about the recent Peruvian film posters, it’s in Spanish but I’m thinking of translating… after all, I think I’m snarkier in English.

Give it a go, would you?

Google Translate.

no really. still have stuff left to do.

I owe Julz a review back, I have read your thoughts. I just need to give it two or three re-reads more to see what can be improved. At first sight, I like it. =D

Also… need to work on a self-portrait for  tonight, which totally slipped my mind until my friend mentioned it, hahaha. Also!!! More ideas brewing~~~ xD I need to focus on something, but sill dunno what to focus on. Soon though.

And!!! I’ve been invited to blog as a guest. More on that once I focus hahahaha.

I also guest “blog” for Award season xD, and am almost shitting my pants for that “talk” I need to give next month which is approaching incredibly soon.

Will post something else later for post count!

oh! I forgot! Flickr’s got a new feature!!! Gallery curator!! xD
Here’s my Concert Photography Gallery~~~

It’s 35 films this year! Woohoo! Well, not much to celebrate since some of those were really REALLY bad, but they count for the movie countdown~~~
In the meantime, I’ve decided to put my list of Best 2001 films.

It was really difficult to choose some, as I seem to not have seen many 2001 films, so many of my nominees are the same as the Oscar, I feel. Remembering the films made me remember about the first time I actively waited for the Oscar. I mean, the event in itself was something I did, but that year was the year I said I’m gonna watch the Oscar to see who will win. American Beauty won that year, as did Kevin Spacey and The Matrix. 1999 Films, wow~~~ I was 13 going on 14.

Anyway~ without further ado~~~

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