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Well, I don’t seem to have seen many films this time.
Hmm… I wonder why. I still haven’t made a countdown
of the music I’ve been listening to, so maybe I’ve been
busy with that. xD You know me, if I listen to much music,
I don’t have the time to watch many films, and if I read too
much, I don’t have the time to do either. LOL

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1434 by Gavin Menzies

October 10, 2009 — 3 Comments

1434 by Gavin MenziesI was browsing books at the local bookstore (weeks ago) and picked up a copy of Gavin Menzies’ book 1434 in Spanish, well because it’s hard to look away with a caption like “The Year a Chinese Fleet reached Italy and started the Renaissance.” I’m not a book reader, I’m not a historian, and I’ve learnt to take everything I read or hear or see (documentaries) with a grain of salt… even more so when my sources tell me “they are free and independent” because I know how the media works. I hate journalists, and I hate news reporters…

To be honest, I’m very likely to believe things written on this book, because at this point in time I have a very deep dislike with everything dealing with the West.

You gotta admit that’s a pretty bold statement, and it is interesting. If you think Menzies is full of shit for saying this, what makes you think anything written anywhere else is true? Take my school days as example. When I was around 13, we used to have a Chinese Culture class where we learned about Chinese geography, a bit of history, folk tales. In this class we learned about The 4 Great Chinese Inventions. Later the same week, we would get History class on universal history, where they would tell us Gutenberg invented Printing. So, what the fuck. What gives?

So should I believe one or the other? Why should I believe one over the other? This is all I have to say after reading a lot of hate towards 1421 (Menzies’ first book).

Fact is, there are some similarities between indigenous people in Peru and across the Altiplano, and the Amazon, and minorities in China, Taiwan and all across South East Asia. And you didn’t have to read the book to notice that, you only need to watch the news, and documentaries to see their cultures, rituals and physical traits.

On the book itself… it’s a pretty messy read. Like a experimental film edited to jump back and forth, only in written form. Book could’ve been shorter and more straight to the point, instead of musing over Menzies activities. I don’t fucking care if you were a sailor, or if you went with your family to the DaVinci’s exhibits around the world. LOL

The illustrations and other image inserts is also a mess. I hate it and makes the book very amateur, but I think all these books suffer from the same crap. Cheap design. After all, it’s all about content, right? Whatever.

Rating: 3/5

Ever since I read that ad on the newspaper, I’ve always had feelings against Alpamayo. This is one of the reason why I began my presentation with the following words. “What is animation to you? Is it an easy career path? Are you looking for money? Recognition? Do you want to win awards? Then maybe you’re looking at the wrong career.”

On the topic of my presentation, I wrote an article talking about animation in Peru, though I don’t think I sound like myself. I dunno why I read like a wishy-washy version of my snarky-self. Article is in Spanish, but if you can read… you can read it here.

Yo, to mix things up a little bit, I’ve decided to add some little spice.

Ines Efron by Axel Chaulet
photo by Axel Chaulet, via Flickr

Placing #9, there’s Ines Efron. Born in 1985 in Argentina – shot to fame when she played Alex on XXY, as a 15-year-old kid struggling with the issues of being intersexual. The movie was good, but her choice of role is what sets her apart from among her Latin American peers.

She’s steadily worked on films like Empty Nest, and was recently seen on The Fish Child, in which she takes part of a tragic love story between two girls of different social backgrounds.

As far as idols go, I don’t believe idols work in Latin America. Efron (no relation to Zac whatsoever xD) seems to be a serious actress, and the way she’s carried herself in different interviews seem to point toward that direction. Moreover, if she keeps up with her decision-making regarding her roles, we should only expect interesting stuff coming our way.

Continuing with the Multilanguage dubbing~~~
Something reminded me of Winnie the Pooh,
and I ended up finding a bunch of clips in different languages.

My big cousin was a Winnie the Pooh fan.
I bet he still has his teddy. xD
Don’t you, Bruce?

That’s the original intro in English, but check out some of the other versions in Spanish, Swedish and even Japanese…

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