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2008 Films I wanna see!

March 18, 2008 — 3 Comments

Well, it’s already month three of 2008, and my original 2007 post of films I wanted to see it’s complete! For a complete record of what I’ve been watching from the lists, check this tag.

So here’s a new list of films that I wanna see this year (I’ve watched some already):

  • Les Chansons d’Amour
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
  • Nim’s Island
  • Baby Mama
  • Son of Rambow
  • The Life Before her Eyes
  • Smart People
  • Married Life
  • Young People Fucking (though this has been released a while ago… 2006 or 2007)
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

And these are the films I have been watching since this update post. Continue Reading…

Marion wins Best Actress OscarAcademy Awards are over, and here comes a new year waiting. But I must admit that the big winner of the night was Europe. All 4 acting awards went out of the continent:

Daniel Day-Lewis (England) was named Best Actor, while Javier Bardem (Spain) was named Best Supporting Actor. Marion Cotillard (France) was named Best Actress, and Tilda Swinton (England) was named Best Supporting Actress.

Art Direction went to Dante Ferreti and Francesca Lo Schiavo (Italy) for Sweeney Todd, a co-production of the USA with the UK. Makeup went to France with La Vie en Rose, while Costume Design went to Elizabeth: The Golden Age, a UK/Germany/France co-production.

Moreover, the big technical prizes went to Europe as well. Golden Compass got the Visual Effects nod, a UK/USA co-production. While The Bourne Ultimatum, a US/Germany co-production grabbed the awards for Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

Dario Marianelli (Italy) won Best Score for Atonement, a UK/France co-production. While Ireland won for Best Original Song with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Czechoslovakia).

UK/Poland won Short Film Animated with Peter & the Wolf, and France once again dominated in the Short Film Live Action with Les Mozart des Pickpockets. And Juno, that apparently is a USA/Canada/Hungary co-production. x’D

The biggest happy announcement for me was hearing Marion’s name! I went nuts over it, and had me teary. I first thought Marion had Oscar written all over her face when I got to see La Vie en Rose in Sweden. It was such an amazing experience to have watched it with Julyssa, and it’s even more amazing that we both felt the same. That Marion HAD to win.

During the night, there wasn’t really any upsets. I guessed 18/24 of the categories, and felt that the most bitter surprise during the ceremony was I Met the Walrus loosing Best Animated Short. Because, really, motion graphics rock my world. While, Tilda Swinton and The Golden Compass winning were good surprises.

I will be posting live. I’ve got my predictions, but won’t post or I might jinx them! In the meantime, this is a new whole bunch of films I’ve seen in the past few days… (following this post)

  • Across the Universe
  • Goya’s Ghost (Los Fantasmas de Goya)
  • My Blueberry Nights
  • The Darjeeling Limited
  • I’m a Cyborg, but It’s OK
  • Martian Child
  • Fido
  • Becoming Jane
  • Margot at the Wedding
  • Persepolis
  • Juno
  • Gone Baby Gone
  • Lars and the Real Girl
  • El Orfanato
  • 4 luni, 3 saptamini si 2 zile (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days)
  • The Jane Austen Book Club
  • Jesus Camp
  • Into the Wild
  • Sicko
  • The Kite Runner
  • 12
  • Tout pour Plaire (Thirty Five Something)
  • 3 Needles
  • Rocket Science
  • Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)
  • The Air I Breathe
  • Run, Fat Boy, Run
  • L’auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)
  • Les Poupées Russes (Russian Dolls)
  • 10 Items or Less
  • Lucia y el Sexo (Sex and Lucia)
  • Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

Films I’ve Watched

February 3, 2008 — 1 Comment
  • 30 Days of Night
  • Atonement
  • Mitt Liv Som Hund (My Life as a Dog)
  • Little Children
  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • Varg Veum: Bitre Blomster (Bitter Flowers)
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Death at a Funeral
  • Freedom Writers
  • Hot Fuzz
  • Reign Over Me
  • Helvetica
  • Les Choristes (The Chorus)
  • Rendition
  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Those are the films I’ve seen, continuing with the update of the following post.

Continuing with the Best Kisses posts, this is one of my fave films. A dark romantic comedy about Julien and Sophie, who become friends as kids and begin playing a dangerous game of Truth or Dare. Marion Cotillard is truly fantastic on this one, and the various versions of La Vie en Rose make it great.

Since I couldn’t find great captures online, I took some time to make my own. If you use them, it’ll be great that you could link back, or leave a message. ^^

The graphics are from the following moments of the film; Julien and Sophie kissing on top of a car, after Sophie dares him to do so, which continues in the alley until the moment ends and she realizes that it might be just a game to him. And the other moment was when they were about to be covered with the cement, and Julien tells her he should’ve dared to love her like crazy… and they stay happy. together. forever.
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