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When life gets you down

August 23, 2007 — 4 Comments

You stop and curse. Yeah, that’s what you do. You curse at 3rd persons, you curse at yourself… mainly because of stupid mistakes, and appeal to the better nature of Peruvians. Because, really, in times like this, they SUCK. Continue Reading…

According to Julyssa, anyway…

My friend Nate went to Serj’s Bday. See him here… He can’t drink though. He puffs up like something that puffs up… I know, he told me so.

Nate at Serj's Bday

If you don’t know who Serj is, well… you may know him from Continue Reading…

So continuing with the previous post, here are the Top 10 guys. Now, remember… this doesn’t mean they are who I consider saliva-worthy. These photographs are based on availability on Flickr, as well as resolution, and other factors that allow these pictures to be in my Favorite list in my account.

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So I’ve figure I’ve had my Flickr account for a while now, and My Favorites are over a 100 now including portraits, landscapes, typographic, etc. So I’ve decided to make my Top10 Female Celebrity Portraits from my current favorites. Mind you, these favorites were also chosen by its resolution availability, besides from photographer, celebrity, art direction, and other factors.

I don’t have any credits, so if you know – please, leave a comment of the photographers, photoshoots, magazines, etc.

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A freaking earthquake

August 15, 2007 — 1 Comment

Dude, just about 1hr after the earthquake hit Lima.

I was sitting in front of my computer, and all my screen started shaking like hell. I thought for a second that would be just it, but it didn’t, so I opened the door. My mother was coming for me, and things started shaking even harder. It was horrible.

Reports say that it was 7.5 and some other said there have been two… one of 7.5 and another of 7.7 – let me tell you, it’s the first time I feel one like this. Never in my life I have seen things shaking like it did.

There has been already a Tsunami warning, hopefully it’ll never make it in here.

More updates later…


La Molina’s got a few electric failures, rocks are falling down Costa Verde, broken glasses and windows in Miraflores…water has been shaky in Chorrillos. And reporters are being really shaky.

The tsunami should be around here at the earliest 2am… if it ever comes. Watch out.


peru map earthquake

Buildings in Chincha have collapsed, including a wall in a prison there. The province of Ica has suffered the death of a few dozen people, as well as people robbing places. In Callao, some buildings have collapsed as well, but at least the tsunami warning has been canceled, so some are already returning to their homes.

There has been already a few aftershocks already, at least some movements every 20 or 15min. almost not noticeable. In Lima, the phone lines have been failing, but internet connection seems more than fine.


the earthquake time

This is the time when the earthquake hit, and the last song my player played… California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and the Papas.

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