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I’m all messy with my MV post titles – I usually put “original title pronunciation (with English translation)” it’s that way on my iPod anyway… but here, I post English titles sometimes because original titles are complicated, or sometimes just refer to them with their original titles because the English sounds silly.

I’m conflicted with Mad Love or Ai Fang. LOL

Anyway, I’m just posting Mad Love because I wanted to post Fu Xin Han — there you go, another example of naming. I just don’t know how to translate that xD Attached-Heart Man? See, that sounds a bit silly. However, the commercial pop video – I had a big discussion on commercial pop the other day – it looks promising for the cpop scene.

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Though the title of the video 飞蛾扑火 (Fei E Pu Huo) seems to mean literally The Moth that Flies into the Fire… or Fatal Attraction (wow, that’s such a cool metaphor).

This is what happens when a Chinese singer gets thrown into the K-Pop scene, and then goes back to the C-Pop scene after much legal fanfare. This songs sounds pretty much K-pop, and looks pretty much that way… except it’s not.

I’m not gonna say I like it. First of all, I’m not a Super Junior fan — even if I did get stuck with Sorry Sorry… and okay, Supergirl because of that god damn Ni shi wo de Baby girl which is more catchy than You’re my baby girl. LOL However, it’s not like I was a huge C-Pop fan either… so I say, YEAH. Commercial C-Pop needs a spark that the commercial K-Pop scene seems to have grasped.

Asian Music Diva (mostly music anyway) has been slowly making a comeback into the music scene since her “retirement” in 2004… right after the release of her album To Love (Jiang Ai, which is out of stock everywhere… but I’m waiting for a re-issue, hopefully), after the release of Wong Kar Wai’s 2046, and her Faye Live Tour.

Wong dusted off her dreamy vocals for the main theme of Chow Yun Fat’s film Confucius, titled You Lan Cao, and her performance at the CCTV’s Spring Gala a few months ago. Now she’s dusting off her touring abilities with a series of 5 concert dates in Beijing.

Beginning October 29th, and continuing with 30th, and 31st, as well as November 5th and 6th. There are 6 different pricing tickets, however, all the seats priced at 300 Yuan (nearly $50 USD), 500 Yuan, and 2500 Yuan (nearly $400 USD) sold out in 10 minutes.

A press conference, that included only 300 members of the press that were invited, was held yesterday in which Wong appeared wearing a red dress (possibly for the passing of her vocal teacher Dai Sicong, who passed away recently). This short series of concerts in Beijing have until now generated over $2Million USD.

Dates in Shanghai are also scheduled.

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Oh, I am so jealous. Though, that thing about arriving 45min late, it’s a huge… and I really mean a HUGE turn off for me, this just goes to show you that Faye Wong is truly a star, because no one was pissed off when she did finally arrived. I imagine that she’s truly mesmerizing in person… like meeting a fairy or something. Maybe she sparkles. LOL

And you know what’s funnier (weird)?

My dad agrees. Hahahahaha. This is why dad rocks~

So I was showing my dad Jing’s latest music video, and we were agreeing (again) that before you realized that the video was about Cyndi Wang and her dead boyfriend, that it felt kinda gay-ish with Jing waking up next to Wang. Anyway, we ended up searching for Jing’s performances in her idol days…

I’m telling you, JingCastleSubs are the best.

And, OMG! She’s so handsome xD and I told my dad “wow, she looks more handsome than my cousins” and we burst out laughing, coz we always pick on family like this. And then we got sad… just watch the video, awwww just wanna hug her so she doesn’t cry… and then she rubs her eyes – through her non-glasses glasses, so we burst out laughing again.

My dad’s totally having an identity crisis, I just know it. LOL

And you know what’s even funnier??? The first time Jing performs on the show, the host first says “I thought this one was a girl.” Once Jing tells her she is, the host tells her that she’s a little too handsome. She totally is. LOL

For the phone interview I did with her.

I’m actually thinking about it, and it seems surreal. I was so nervous, I couldn’t speak any English. I mumbled a lot – at least, it feels like it – and the interview seemed like a mess in my head. However, looking at it on paper, it’s not bad, I think.

But you know how I am, right? You ask me about something I know, and I want to tell you everything about it, so when I mentioned Bibi, and Diane (she told me to call her that) asked me about her, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. LOL But it seemed good, it seemed more of a conversation than an interview…

Diane also found peculiar that I was a Peruvian girl talking to an American songwriter about a Chinese vocalist. “How do you know a Chinese vocalist in Peru?” she asked me. That’s when the fangirl in me came out. Anyway, I’m in a short-sleeved t-shirt, and I’m freezing now at 3am. Transcript is done, and the article… at least, at the moment, has around 2010 words. And! It will show up in issue011 of YAM.

Also, don’t forget we are giving away the pop-up book Uso. by Yu Aoi. If you want to learn how to be able to enter the draw, you’re gonna have to read issue011 when it comes out next month.