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LOL. So the last episode of Last Friends was out last thrusday. Did you watch it? I hope you did, coz I might be spoiling some of it on this post.

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Solo para q vean.

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I have been watching one of the latest Japanese Dramas (JDrama), Last Friends… or RASUTO FURENZU as its read Katakana name. It is the first Asian drama I have seen (Chinese, Korean… or any other) – and despite the fact that I have seen my fair amount of Asian films, or listened to music in an Asiatic language. Last Friends is my first EVER Asian Soap… or as I call it, my AsiaNovela.

Last Thursday, we saw the fifth episode… so I have been roughly watching this weekly for the past month, and I can’t wait for more! Continue Reading…

Hey, guys~ Am watching Ep11 at this moment. I think this might be my last post on Dancing with the Stars, for obvious reasons, non? Well, I do hope you voted for Marlee because 7 votes is a lot. Last Monday’s episode had a few cute and funny moments with Marissa Jaret Winokur, Cristian de la Fuente, and Kristi Yamaguchi.

Marissa always makes me smile, lol… with comments like she’s “more like a moth,” in response to being like a butterfly for the Viennese Waltz, and her flipping out with her scores. And her saying that she’s only seen 9s in rehearsals, pretending… ha!

And I enjoy the Latin American and Asians representing… Kristi rocked it with her Jive, and her flipping out was funny too.

Won’t upload videos this time, but will post captures of favorites:

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Amy’s having a rubbish couple of days. LOL’ And needs the help of people online…

I’m looking for someone who can help me out with a new WordPress 2.5 installation. Now, this blog and my portfolio runs perfectly fine and dandy on WP 2.5. Last night, I did an installation for someone, using another server and WP 2.5 doesn’t work properly. Case and point; now… if you don’t see anything wrong, take a look at BOTH… one from the new installation, and the other one from this blog.

Wordpress 2.5 with no Media Add Interface Wordpress 2.5 with Media Add Interface

So I thought maybe it’s my WP 2.5 installation, that’s why I did it again. But I had the same problem, even though I started with a brand new database, and all. So I decided to downgrade to WP 2.3, and yet… I seem to have the same missing stuff.

Wordpress 2.3 no Visual Editor

Is it the server’s fault? WordPress bug? What did I do? T-T I still need to do a clean install of WordPress 2.3… Oh yeah, and the programming nightmare it’s from the theme, of course. Not that I program anything on WP – LOL’ I keep on getting an error with getting the recent comments, and I checked out that I might have to activate something I can’t actually see on my buggy installation of WP. BUM!


6hrs, later, people! I got WP 2.5 perfectly running, when all of a sudden it crashed with a 500 error. BUM. I did a clean clean, new database install of WP 2.3, and it seemed to work dandy… SO, I upgraded to 2.5 from there, and had the same gone-interface. SO… I went on and did a clean clean, new database install of WP 2.5 twice… second time work good. I was getting my theme on, and the plugins working when BAM! Internal Server Error. My mistake, their mistake?


1hr. later! After the server 500-crashed on me, I did my last WP 2.5 install. Again, new database… clean clean. It seems to be holding up okay. Keeping an eye over it…