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Slowly, I have been noticing that Flixster is one of my favorite and most used, if not THE most used application I’ve got going on my Facebook profile. It’s not that I love their website, but I like how handy it is on Facebook (I’m still an IMDb user at heart xD) Continue Reading…

I know I’ve heard that one before… maybe in school? Maybe just talking among friends… but one thing is for sure, that a good story can be understood even with a language barrier.

Has any of you watch a film in a language that doesn’t resemble yours? I’m not talking about me watching La Vie en Rose with Swedish subtitles… though that was a challenge, but let’s face it~~ French, Spanish…. kinda helped a little bit, non?

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Jul 25

Do You Know Your Asians?

Lainey does not have a grandma named Mrs. Wong.

See, even us Asians can’t tell their Asians apart. As I said in the last post, it was the 16th anniversary of the restaurant. We went to eat meat… loads of meat, which was also bad for my jaw.

Anyway, it was a big ass table, so I sat next to my cousin. We got to talking about school, music, economy, eco solutions, and stupid people, among other topics, like Japanese, Korean and Chinese. I told them it was getting harder to tell each apart because everyone is getting a slicker style. However, my cousin was proud to admit that he could tell them apart, which I refused to believe~~

I asked him once again, Continue Reading…

The first part (of 3) of Joss Whedon’s web-thing-series will be up online today. I go there, excited as hell, only to find this.

Dr. Horrible\'s Sing-Along Blog

WTH, man. If you’re in the US, go ahead… watch it! If you have an idea how to work around this issue, let me know!

**EDIT** July 16
Ok, the fangirl in me googled ‘other’ sources for this, and read an article that said that there were some issues with regions. And I was able to see it just now!!! Though my friend claims that he still doesn’t see it…

INSTANT LOVE! Neil Patrick Harris as the villain, I love it! Super geeky, super funny… Nathan Fillion is pretty funny too, but NPH is just TOO funny. xD Can’t wait for episode 2

Dr. Horrible Crashes Servers.

Does anyone know the criteria on how IMDb moderates their posts? Most importantly… its threads?

You see, I saw YPF over the weekend. Yes, dubious~~~ But I’m so gonna buy it! So there was this “talk dirty scene” with Carly Pope and Aaron Abrams from the segment “Friends” I knew the scene was in, but it still makes you burst out laughing.

Anyway, I went to the IMDb boards and someone created a thread about it over the weekend, so it was a surprise to visit and find that the thread has been completely wiped. Thoughts? Censoring, or spoilers?? The film is calle Young People Fucking, for dude’s sake!

IMDb - Threads Deletion

So I invite you to talk about the film (specifically the ‘talk dirty’ scene) in this post. Does anyone have the quote? LOL’