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I am just about to watch episode 8, but I just had to mention Aoi Miyazaki on episode 1. You all must see her on this scene at school (for boys), pretending to be a boy… and I mean, can you believe? Aoi Miyazaki and Eita playing kiddos? Bizarre concept idea… and it doesn’t always work, but there ARE cases. You’d know that if you ever saw El Chavo del 8.

Atsu-Hime - Aoi Miyazaki

Aoi Miyazaki as Okatsu (later known as Atsu-Hime) getting Naogoro (Eita) out of a lecture by her father.

Grownups playing little kids, you can see the are grownups, but their acting totally works. This is the case…

Testing New Theme

November 18, 2008 — 2 Comments

You enjoy? Hmm… still tweaking, but I think that’s for tonight. I’ve got some French stuff to listen to, and it’s already almost 1a.m. Since it was just a little tweak, I’m thinking… Days of Amy. LOL’


Going back to the other style for a while, in the meantime~ here’s a capture of the new one.

Days of Amy - Sample

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Time for a Change?

November 17, 2008 — 2 Comments

I am thinking of re-styling this place (my mom is also thinking of changing the color of the apartment) – but am undecided. I have 3 pretty different ideas… opinions?

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November… again?

November 1, 2008 — Leave a comment

Wow, time flies! Really does… anyway, this month I was checking out some films on cable, and was interested in watching a few so I made a list. Yes, because I’m a geek… and there’s plenty of films, so I didn’t wanna miss one by overlapping them. Anyway, Little Fish was supposed to be on HBO tonight at 12.25am, and as you can see it’s 1am and it’s not on, so I went to the HBO Latin America site to check that out. Surprise!

Cable Magico - Horario Equivocado

As you can see… the HBO site (Peru schedule) has The Others listed as ‘now playing’ while there’s still 1.30hr for Little Fish, meaning it will be playing at 2.35am or so instead of 12.25am like the Cable Magico site and magazine say~~ which begs the question~ will the other films also be at other times?

Three posts back I blogged~ It’s not Oct. 3rd yet over here… but it sure is in Norway~ Because the first track has just been released. Of course it’s “The Chase” – no, not the album! The track… So if you’re interested, head over to Marit’s MySpace page…

At the same time, Marit blogged saying this…

To me, one of the biggest challenges and thrills of being a recording artist is not just writing songs, but making albums. A good album is to me one where you can listen from beginning to end, experience highs and lows – and at last feel equally satisfied and hungry for more. An album really should not resemble a random playlist or a “best of what I wrote the past couple of years”. My favorite albums of all time have these qualities (and they are something I will be trying to match for the rest of my life).

For the rest, head over HERE.

I loved she said that ^^ Because I love listening to her album, and I DO get that feeling of satisfied and hungry – so hungry that each time I play her album, I end up playing it 3 continuous times. xD

JULYSSA! Oct. 13!! – The Chase comes out! Will you look for it for me? Wait, I haven’t check Amazon yet, *giggles* – LOL’ Nope, they don’t have it listed… so I’m guessing it might be an Scandinavian release ~ actually I dunno how big a release it is, haha. So maybe it’s an EMI Norway release only?

Oct. 13 is a Monday… I’m not used to a Monday release~~ Are Mondays new DVD/BluRay/CD day in Scandinavia or Norway? Just like Tuesdays is new product day up north in America and Canada…

Oh, did I mentioned I love “The Chase” even more than “If a Song Could Get me You”? And I got so giddy because I started playing the track and noticed the Play Count marked “0” – which means that I was the first one to play it, or that the counter works different to what I thought~~

Marit Larsen - The Chase - First Play??