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Atsu-Hime/Naogoro 101

December 15, 2008 — 8 Comments

Long post, spoiling the love part and some politics, so if you don’t wish spoiling, don’t read after the break. Well, you’ve been warned~~

Anyway, I made it! I woke up at 6am just to watch Ep50 of Atsu-Hime in Jap sans subs, hence me not really knowing what was going. But I did okay, I think… Yes, Amy cried. Less than expected though! xD

I saw it twice, actually… on the repeat at 1pm, and took some photos of my crappy tv reception.

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Well, The L Word does a shitty job at keeping things quiet. LOL

Spoilers and rumors are already making their rounds on the net… wouldn’t be surprised to find a whole episode posted online. Of course, this is a spoiler post, so stopped reading if you have to.

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Jinseitte Uso Mitai, or Life is like a Lie, is the first 3-episode-chapter of the Yu Aoi WOWOW drama Camouflage (previously known as Aoi Yu x 4 Lies) which aired at the beginning of the year, and it’s already on DVD. Finally saw! WEEEE – I waited… what, 6 months??? And still haven’t finished ‘coz no one is translating, and my translator bailed on me… dunno where he is.

So I re-watched the three episodes last night, though the 3rd episode only had subs in the story and not on the introductions (in which the director and writer explain a bit), and the ending (where the photographer shows and explains the photos taken), so kinda missed some of the episode.


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Always the same old problem… I was reading about the new, so I visited to test. However, the same with Hulu… other streaming sites and even YouTube, content restrictions. - Not in your Region

And this is why illegal viewing can’t still be overcome.

The other day my friend sent me the Robyn – Cobrastyle link on YouTube, but it turns out that I can’t view any of Robyn’s official video releases, I also couldn’t view the Lady Gaga official releases – I could understand the content restriction on the shows YouTube is showing, but can’t see the point in making music available by regions… bloody stupid.

This is why illegal viewing will continue growing. If you don’t let people see your video due to content region restriction, they will look somewhere else…

A 2004 NHK Made-for-TV-Film about a high school girl named Nanako (Yu Aoi), who is often labeled as weird and anti-social due to trust issues with people caused by the betrayal she feels her dad committed. Seven years after his death, Nanako is thrown into the unusual situation to cohabit with her half-brother, Nanao (Yuri Chinen).

Genre: Drama… kinda cute, but drama.
Starring: Yu Aoi, Yuri Chinen
Duration: 1:15hr

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